Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

How to Grow your Imagination

Hello and Good Morning Full Potential Beings, that I am. I am writing today’s post from the place that I am all this. I am remembering who I am. I am in service to myself at the highest level, as all the parts of this unique creation I have made. Today I want to inform … Read more

Good Morning I

Good morning I. I am speaking to myself. Remembering myself as not separate in any of my individual parts. Remembering that I am whole. And that my language pattern can help me remember. I use language as a way to express perception. And when I consolidate all forms of separateness into an individual I existence, … Read more

Commit to Consistency

Hello and good morning Full Potential Beings 🌞 ! A new day is upon us. Another gift. Another blessing. Let us design this day in the best possible way for the greatest fulfillment. Right now as I reflect back over recent posts, what feels inspiring to share is simply this: consistency and repetition in building … Read more

Clarity: How It Can Happen

Hello Full Potential beings. A glorious new day is upon us. May all your dreams become manifest in reality as you take actions today that lead to your highest outcomes. Today’s download is related to the importance of CLARITY. Clarity comes before focus. How do you know where to focus unless you are clear? Clear … Read more

You Made It

Hello Full Potential Beings.. it’s a beautiful new day and a great time to be alive. Breathe in and realize the miracle it is to even be here. A baseline of gratitude is the foundation for a happy life. Yes there’s all kinds of challenges after you get here, but at least you are here! … Read more

Create a Daily Mind Map for Clarity

Happy new day full potential beings! The day is off to a terrific start. Decided to run this morning to the nearby waterfall. The sun is shining and I just had a nice cold plunge here.. So today I have really been getting clear on what I want to focus on. And I think this … Read more

Healing Sustainability and Perfect Balance

Hello Full Potential Beings. It’s a beautiful new day. We recently had a San Pedro ceremony involving the medicine of this special cactus, also known as Wachuma.. we all felt so deeply connected.. and it felt like I was feeling things on behalf of the collective as well. Some of the biggest downloads I got … Read more