Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

What Will You Create Today

Good morning beautiful beings! Today I share with you a video and audio, as you’re positive daily dose. I’m not sure how this will show up through the automatic feeds that go out but you can find this on fullpotential.com https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/58AZeHdSNFpPBYcT6 Full PotentialJames Sunheart is a student of personal development and spiritual growth. He is … Read more

Your Positive Daily Dose: A Quick Good Morning Audio with Some Questions to Prime Focus for a Great Day!

soundcloud.com/user-194534721/good-morning-beautiful-being/s-75IrnTEA783 from Jimmy Sunheart on SoundCloud Full PotentialJames Sunheart is a student of personal development and spiritual growth. He is passionate about optimizing people, systems and life. He’s written 7 books. Interviewed hundreds of experts. Given a TED Talk in France. Lives in Costa Rica while developing a sustainable eco-village. For opportunities email: James AT … Read more

Getting into the Habit of Creative Flow

How to overcome judgement and simply produce content for the sake of expression. Let ‘good’ or ‘perfect’ arise out of continually creating. First it starts with quantity and overtime as you learn the nuances of how to create something better, you develop quality. CREATING WITHOUT JUDGEMENT As I get into a flow of creating more … Read more


Today’s post comes after yesterdays freedom rally and my curiosity to truly understand power and what drives people to become tyrannical. I woke up this morning and host a video that I’ll post here and I’ll explain it in a little more depth there. THE SPECTRUM OF POWER Basically we have this spectrum of power … Read more

Dissolving into Love

To dissolve into love is to experience the oneness that we all return to. And that in the moment is temporarily suspended in this idea of separateness so that we can carry out the illusion of getting to return home to ourselves for fun. Behind all of this and everything is love at its core … Read more


Relentless positive focus Expectations Rules for life In and Out If / Then  Reward vs Pain  WILL THIS BE REWARDING? All decisions are based on will this be rewarding or will this be painful? And though we know some things can seem ‘painful’ in the short term ultimately they can be rewarding. And though some things … Read more

Focus On Love

Focus on love Loving focus Love flows through From love all good things come through I believe in love I believe love grows The more we focus on it, the more it grows Concentrating on love is the single best thing to concentrate on It blossoms like a flow It grows like a river It … Read more

Reduce Friction

Everything is in flow.The stream is already rolling. Moving from point A to point B is already happening.And like water – your energy will flow down the path of least resistance, UNLESS interrupted by a force. This force, can be your own resistance, or the resistance of the external world.As you encounter this resistance you’ll … Read more