Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

Harnessing the Power of the 3 I’s – Intuition, Intention, and Imagination for a Full Potential Life.

Setting the Intention for a Full Potential Life

Hello Full Potential Beings! Welcome to a beautiful new day. So grateful to still be alive. To still be living. To still be sharing. What a beautiful opportunity. I wonder what today will bring. Framing life as a gift so that I can see all the value that comes before me today.

The Role of AI in Optimizing Human Life

As I continue to deep dive into my research and experimentation with AI, I will continue to do daily updates here for how to live a full potential life. If it’s not obvious already, I feel AI will play a vital role in the evolution of humanity and optimizing human life and its utilization of resources on both an individual and collective level. AND YET —

The Power of Intuition, Intention, and Imagination

You are still in the driver’s seat. From a core directional level we still have our intuition, intention and imagination. These are the drivers of the AI right now. It’s these three things that drive how we use AI and where we focus our vital resources.

Intuition: the non-conscious inputs. The inputs that seem to come from outside of us or before we imagine anything. Flashes of insight or feelings that just seem right. It may be considered guidance and knowing from a higher source as well.

Intention: A conscious decision to do something. A deliberate, willful exercise of choosing an outcome. A clear intention comes with a sense of empowerment or belief that something is possible.

Imagination: The ability of the mind to form images, ideas, or concepts in response to stimuli, or to create something new and original.

How We Drive the Direction of Our Lives

As you can see – we are still driving the direction of our lives and this planet through these 3 I’s. Our computers, our smart phones, and even our AI Tools our in service to these 3 I’s.

Prioritizing Humanity over Technology

Bottom line: Our humanity is still greater than our technology.

Three Key Questions for Living a Full Potential Life

  • How can we pause and listen more to tap into our intuition?
  • Consciously direct our focus and intention?
  • And use our imagination in service to our highest intentions?