Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

Are Your Choices Coming from Love or Fear?

Happy Wednesday! Just coming from the river and feeling great with my intermittent fasting that ends in about 15 minutes, so looking forward to my green smoothie and protein! Had a great call with development team in moving forward the Cora Nation app and the Fiart Project, more of which I’ll be sharing about here … Read more

Gather the Steps

Gather the steps means that if you start on the front end of all the steps that need to be done from the result and start working backwards you can gather the steps to this moment to know what to do to lead to that outcome Full PotentialJames Sunheart is a student of personal development … Read more

If You or Someone You Love Suffers from Chronic Screen Looking.. there is a Cure (Comedy)

Chronic Screen Looking affects billions of people worldwide. Don’t let you or a loved one become just another statistic. You CAN do something about it right now! Full PotentialJames Sunheart is a student of personal development and spiritual growth. He is passionate about optimizing people, systems and life. He’s written 7 books. Interviewed hundreds of … Read more

Friday, AI, and Sharing Wealth

Good afternoon! I hope you are having a glorious Friday. It’s always exciting to feel the start of the weekend even though my days don’t change that much from weekend to weekday. Perhaps Friday is a trigger from when I was still in school and it signaled the start of freedom! Last night and today … Read more

Mind Map Your Life

It’s a new day to be alive amen. I appreciate those that are finding these full potential posts and want to realize their full potential in life and are finding them helpful. One thing I have been actively doing that’s helping a lot is mind mapping. Not just ideas but my day, my upcoming week … Read more

Clarity = Success

The more clear we are about the WHAT, WHY, HOW, WHERE, WHEN, WHO, HOW MUCH – the easier it is to focus and become a success. Boiling this clarity down into a step by step process with give you the clarity and confidence to commit to taking action. Full PotentialJames Sunheart is a student of … Read more