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Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

Live Your Dream Life

Hello, Full Potential beings and good morning! It’s a beautiful day here in Panama, although, waking up to the sound of all these boats in their motors, requires using some earplugs in order to stay in bed a little longer! AND DREAM So today’s post is around creating your dream life. Seeing how things have … Read more

The Outpost Perdpective

Hello, and good morning, Full Potential beings! It is a beautiful new day here in Panama City and I am about to watch my friend’s wedding. I never thought I would see the day. And yet here it is. Congratulations, Jason. So last night I intended to see more lucid dreams experience them, and today … Read more

Changer of Worlds

Good morning Full Potential Friends! It’s a beautiful new day. Appreciating how it feels to breathe. Be alive. Recall dreams. And write blog posts like this one. POSITIVE CHARGETo be alive. To fully appreciate being alive. The easiest thing to forget. You are aware because you are alive. You breathe. You are here. You have … Read more

The Great Unknown

Hello Full Potential Beings. It’s another glorious day to be alive. Thank the heavens for time to experience consciousness and grow our spirits. Yesterday Alexandria’s dad arrived into town. His first impressions of Costa Rica were during his time in the city San Jose and he was like, why in the world would they want … Read more

The Magic of Silence

Hello Fellow Full Potential Beings. Today is a silent day for me and it’s been interesting to witness how I interact with people 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 with no words. I can feel more spaciousness as I do not feel like I need to respond, other than with facial expression and eye 👁️ contact. It allows me to … Read more

How to Grow your Imagination

Hello and Good Morning Full Potential Beings, that I am. I am writing today’s post from the place that I am all this. I am remembering who I am. I am in service to myself at the highest level, as all the parts of this unique creation I have made. Today I want to inform … Read more

Good Morning I

Good morning I. I am speaking to myself. Remembering myself as not separate in any of my individual parts. Remembering that I am whole. And that my language pattern can help me remember. I use language as a way to express perception. And when I consolidate all forms of separateness into an individual I existence, … Read more