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Full Potential

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In today’s world, guarding your attention is more crucial than ever. With countless distractions vying for our focus, it’s easy to lose sight of what truly matters. By consistently observing…
James | July 18, 2024
Introduction Relationships often illuminate profound truths about ourselves and the world. One…
James | July 6, 2024
In the realm of creativity, there exists a transformative power in simply…
James | June 27, 2024
Today, I am present. I am here. I am alive, and I…
James | June 26, 2024
Conflict is an inevitable part of any relationship, but the way we…
James | June 20, 2024
In our hyper-connected world, screens tend to dominate our lives. They provide…
James | June 18, 2024
In a world increasingly driven by technology and digital transformation, we stand…
James | June 17, 2024
Life’s true essence lies in how we manage and harness our energy.…
James | June 15, 2024
Everything in our environment is a reflection of our point of view.…
James | June 8, 2024

Why We Exist

FullPotential.com was created to help you realize your Full Potential – whatever that means for you. In the 7 major areas of life: Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Social, Emotional, Financial and Environment.

We are building a network, a directory, a currency, courses, content and off-line community dedicated to helping humans evolve.   We about to release the Cora Nation app, that will connect communities and people that are ready to be part of a new system of human cooperation.

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  • Desire

    The motivating force behind behavior (drive) (needs vs wants)

  • Value

    What one determines has value based on beliefs.

  • Purpose

    The reason for doing something. (Why) (Mission)


  • Beliefs

    Rules for the way things work (story) (morals) (intelligence) (facts vs assumptions) (expectations vs agreements) (objective vs subjective) (truth)

  • Vision

    What one sees presently in the mind. (Past: Memory) (Present: observation) (Future: Imagination)

  • Results

    The effect of all previous actions seen / unseen (cause & effect) (consequences) (conscious / subconscious)


  • Identity

    The vision or belief of who or what one is in relation to the world it considers itself separate from. (self) (ego)


  • Repetition

    When the new becomes familiar and easier to accept (hypnosis) (programming)

  • Habits

    A repetitive action or thought that gets taken over by the subconscious as a reliable way of meeting needs.


  • Philosophy

    The way of looking at things (observer) (paradigm)

  • State

    Level of energy to create or respond in any given moment (physiology) (focus) (meaning) (questions)

  • Discipline

    The will or resolve to see a decision through (will power)

  • Strategy

    Set of organized actions to most efficiently achieve an end result. (Plan) (checklist) (process)

  • Modeling

    A strategy for acquiring strategies (coaching) (education)

  • Actions

    The motion of follow through in material form (behavior)