Full Potential

From Resistance to Reward

Resistance is often the result of riskRisk is inevitable in all actions.All actions have inherent risks.As we avoid the risks, we resist the reward.Everyone wants the reward without the risk.But sometimes you have to take the risk, going through the resistance – to get the reward. Reducing resistance in order to get to the reward … Read more


LOVE THE GREAT AWAKENING IS UPON US The thing we all want or need is love. But might we be so afraid of the intense experience of love that we push it away, try to protect or control and otherwise avoid it? It might seem like the greatest of all ironies, how could something so … Read more

Brain Dump All Your Thoughts

A simple way to experience more peace of mind? Brain dump all the things you are holding in your mind onto a sheet of paper or note. How it Works Write down as many thoughts and ideas as you can with no judgement. Just keep writing until you begin to feel like the same ideas … Read more

Manage Attention with Better Questions

The key to attention management is getting clear on what question the mind is asking. And then helping it. Most Thoughts Are Simply an Attempt to Answer a Question I find by observing the mind very quickly, most thoughts are just an attempt at finishing questions. If you can get to the root question being … Read more

Organization Feels Good

When one is organized, one feels order within. This orderliness feels like cleanliness. A tidy environment is a tidy mind. The effort put into organizing the physical environment, making it aesthetically pleasing, cleaner and easier to feel a sense of order.. helps to shift and shape consciousness itself. The outer world is only a reflection … Read more

Discovering Your Happiness Formula

Each new day is a blank canvas to create. How will you organize your day to get the most out of it? CAN ONLY OPTIMIZE FOR ONE THING AT A TIME There’s a theory in neurology that you can only optimize for ONE thing at a time. The brain, at least the conscious brain, can … Read more