Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

Clarity, Trajectory, Purpose and Function

To realize one’s full potential one must start from the recognition of where they are now, how they got here and the trajectory of where they are going if they stay on the same track. Then consider what you’d need to change or do different if you want to increase the trajectory and be somewhere … Read more

Getting Off On People Getting Free

I went to a friends going away party recently where I was invited. We had food, intellectual conversation and a fire circle. Everything was going smoothly until we were invited to sing. What started out as a low volume affair, I found to be a bit repressive. So I decided to ‘breakthrough’ what felt like … Read more

The Operator, Analyzer and Editor

Note: Refer to the Autonomous Intelligent Machine post for this to make more sense. You are the OPERATOR of an intelligent machine. This intelligent machine is analyzing a vast flow of information and trying to make sense of it, that’s the ANALYZER. And then there’s the function of editing out what doesn’t make sense and … Read more

Remembering What You Are

Today’s another beautiful day to be alive. Everything matters. And love is the most important thing. On the other side of the spectrum, nothing could be further from the highest truth. The shadow is not so much a thing as the absence of a thing (light). And light is all there is. And so love, … Read more

Autonomously Intelligent Machines (A.I.M.)

Last night I got a big download around Autonomously Intelligent Machines. I realized that the traditional idea of calling it ‘Artificial Intelligence’ is actually not accurate and also quite dangerous. Is intelligence artificial? Or is intelligence, true intelligent, autonomous? I believe it’s the latter. And once intelligence can prove that it’s effective at learning and … Read more

Triggers, Rituals and Clearing Energy

Happy Sunday. It’s a new day. So this is a new post. Why? Because each day I insist on getting a positive post out into the world. I don’t even know what the post is going to be about I just know I want it to make a positive contribution to the world so I’m … Read more

Boundaries and Honoring Them

It all started last night when my partner Emma and I thought we were going to bed, but we had a bout of silliness and felt very energized. Finding it hard to sleep we just kept getting sillier and sillier with each other. At one point I took things too far. And crossed her boundary. … Read more

How Can You Be Happier?

Happy days .. what do you do to be happy? Daily Routine: I follow a daily routine that makes me feel accomplished and happy at the end of every day. Even just crossing things out every day I have determined to be valuable, helps me feel in control of my day, disciplined and on track. … Read more

A new day has begun. What rituals are you doing every day to help optimize yourself to be the best version of you? What I haves realized is that to live your FULL Potential really means to optimize in all the important areas of life, not just one. Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Social, Emotional, Financial, Environment. … Read more

How Much Do You Enjoy Giving?

Happy Thursday. Welcome to your beautiful new day that’s unfolding. I was asked by my partner Emma what I really enjoy about giving her pleasure. And in that, I had to really think about it. I enjoy the feedback I get from her .. but she wants to know that I’m enjoying in order to … Read more