Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

Less Words, Conserve Energy

Good morning Full Potentialites! It’s 9:30 AM on this glorious human-made calendar day of 02 02 2022. Me like to simplify post today.Me realize much complication – too many words.Me simplify. Sometimes, caveman talk more simple.When more simple. Easy. Clear. Less words, conserve energy. See if can use less words today, how you feel. Full … Read more

We Are All World Leaders

Good morning everyone. It’s another beautiful morning here in Costa Rica.Waking up a little sore from yesterday’s soccer match. They’ve been growing quite a bit and yesterday was the first time we had enough people to occupy the entire field. There was a lot of running and a lot of intensity and today we rest. … Read more

Happy Full Potential Friday

Good morning Full Potentialites! A beautiful new Friday has arisen. Making this a Full Potential Friday. What will you do? Where will you go? How will you live life differently today than from other days? What changes would you like to make? Friday is a good time to reflect on the work week and plan … Read more

Yes Or No?

Good morning on this beautiful day. Another day to celebrate being alive. Breathe in deep and remember, that this is a gift. And everything you experience from here is a bonus. So today I woke up with more insight into the simplicity of yes or no. I notice myself not starting something, pausing or delaying … Read more


Good morning on this beautiful day. Happy to be alive and breathing. Woke up this morning early to see Zenith off to the airport. The car wouldn’t start as the battery had run out of juice yesterday during our Improv Play. So today after several attempts at starting it and with the window of time … Read more

Lean Into Life

Good afternoon on this beautiful Sunday here in Chirripo, Costa Rica. I hope wherever you are you are thriving. THRIVE Today’s post is about helping you do more of just that.. to thrive. And I don’t ever really know the direction its going to go until I start putting fingers to keys and feel into … Read more