Pathway to Love

Expression is a form of connection. It’s not a wound, it’s just a deep NEED that hasn’t been fully met, perhaps for an entire lifetime. Or Lifetimes! The apparent need to express.. is really a deeper desire to connect! To connect with another heart. To connect with another Soul. To connect with God. To connect … Read more

The Full Potential Daily Dose

A new positive post daily. The Full Potential Daily Dose. Why do I do it? First it helps me feel purposeful.Second it brings more out of me. Third it feels like the right thing to do. Fourth it feels like the people who find it will find value in it. Fifth it helps me organize … Read more

Get On With It

You can think about it. Analyze it. Plan it. Diagram it. Visualize it. But at some point, there is JUST GETTING ON WITH IT. You won’t always know all the steps to take. If you wait until you have total clarity, you may never begin. And you certainly won’t know at the beginning what you’ll … Read more


Often throughout the day we have to think about and consider the impact our actions are having on our experience. What do we want to experience? What could be better than this? What impact is our next action having on our energy or our clarity? Our state of being? Our relaxation? Our beingness .. our … Read more

Be in Your Full Expression

Happy Full Potential Sunday It’s a beautiful new day and just arrived back to Chirripo – Zen Village, from the Carribean side of Costa Rica in Puerto Viejo. Spent the last two days making our way here slowly.. a total of around 12 hours driving. We stopped at our place in Manuel Antonio, visited with … Read more

Balancing Big Picture vs Small Picture

Big picture and vision with where you are now

BALANCING THE BIG PICTURE By constantly balancing the big picture view with the current moment .. your mind will have the necessary instructions to help you sift through loads of data to discover what is truly valuable as it has a compass, or an anchor for WHY it’s filtering through the information. Without this purpose … Read more


As I write these words I feel inspired. I am inspired because I feel the forces seeking to repress expression and truth are only having more light shone on them. As more people wake up to what used to hide in the shadows, more light will shine. This will move us into the new era … Read more

Unleash Your Inner Dragon

Let them be. Your life. your choice. Unleash your inner dragon of white purity. Hot white lion of light. Be the love. Fiercely guard the truth. Be alive. Step forward. Be brave. Be courageous. It takes strength to lead. Be the example. Show proof of nobility. Be grace. Divine wisdom embodied. Be discipline. Show courage … Read more

Thriving Together

SURVIVING, THRIVING & GIVING We have but one duty to ourselves and that is to evolve.To ensure that we are taking care of self, in a way that ensures survival. Then to thrive. And it is our spirit’s ‘meaning quest’ to know at which point one is able to overflow and assist another. For the … Read more