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Success Is As Success Does: Redefining Achievement Through Action

In the ever-evolving narrative of personal and professional development, the mantra “Success is as success does” emerges as a profound redefinition of what it means to be successful. This blog post delves into the essence of this philosophy, exploring how success is intrinsically linked to our actions and the intentionality behind our endeavors, rather than merely the outcomes we achieve.

Success Through Doing: The Core of Achievement

At the heart of this mantra lies the principle that success is not solely measured by the end result but by the act of doing itself. When we engage in any activity with focus, dedication, and purpose, we embody success. This perspective shifts the emphasis from external validation or the attainment of specific goals to the process and our engagement with it. Success, in this view, is a dynamic state of being—active, present, and ongoing.

The Autonomy of Success: Control and Self-Determination

One of the most empowering aspects of this philosophy is the autonomy it grants individuals over their definition of success. By recognizing that we are “successful at whatever we’re doing because we’re doing it,” we claim ownership over our actions and their inherent value. This autonomy underscores that while we may not always control the outcomes, we possess the ability to define our success through our commitment and action.

Achieving Success: Alignment with Intentions and Actions

Achievement, within the framework of “Success is as success does,” is seen as the natural byproduct of our actions aligned with our intentions. When what we do mirrors what we set out to achieve, success becomes a tangible manifestation of our efforts. It’s about the congruence between intention, action, and outcome, where success is both the journey and the destination.

The Ethical Dimension: Success and Positive Action

The mantra also implies an ethical dimension to success—it’s not just about doing, but about doing positively. Success tied to positive actions, those that contribute to the good of oneself and others, enriches its meaning. It becomes a reflection of our values in motion, a testament to the impact and significance of our deeds. In this light, success transcends personal achievement, embodying a broader contribution to the collective well-being.


“Success is as success does” is a powerful reimagining of what it means to be successful. It encourages us to find success in the act of doing, in the alignment of our actions with our goals, and in the positive impact of our endeavors. By embracing this mantra, we redefine success as a dynamic and autonomous state, one that celebrates the process as much as the outcome, and elevates the significance of our daily actions. In doing so, we recognize that true success is woven through the fabric of our intentions, efforts, and the positive legacy we aim to create.

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Image: A visual representation of “Success is as success does,” illustrating the interplay between action, intention, and positive impact as the true markers of success.