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Full Potential

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Unleashing Your Potential: The Power of Big Picture Thinking and Taking Action

Hello Full Potential being! Welcome to a beautiful new day on this planet Earth.

While there may be all kinds of challenges happening in the world, you are here reading this post from a place of peace enough to enjoy it. To absorb it. May you appreciate that fact.

I have been under the weather the last couple of days and now its moved to my head where I’m having some pain and pressure in my face, eyes and forehead, but that’s not enough to stop me from writing this blog post right now. Nothing can stop me! Muhaha


So the download for today’s post comes from my desire to share about influencing the direction or course of things. When we have an idea big enough to contain the whole world, from there we can start to formulate visions of where to direct it.

I feel that the key difference between people is how big is their ideas. And often those ideas are limited by how much material power they have to make it a reality.

Often the people with the most money think the biggest, because they have the material power to carry out those aims. But perhaps there’s a correlation there of how they even got to that much money in the first place, is that they were thinking big picture, global or now multi-planetary and universal.

How big can you think? How big can you stretch your imagination? And even if your present resources cannot make that vision a reality – by starting with the vision, you increase your chances of making it happen, isn’t that true?


Tackling the World’s Challenges: Identifying Your Resources and Making a Difference

So if there were no limits what problems or challenges would you choose to tackle in this lifetime? How would you go about solving them? What tools, resources and people do you have available to you to assist in taking on these challenges from where you are?


Big picture thinking and then organizing your resources around a strategy and plan of action IS how things get done. The question is – if you lack anything, those might be the things, the “power ups” you need to pick up along the way first. And if you are suddenly joined by others who have those skills or powers or resources, you can skip those power ups and focus further down the plan.


The key point here is to really think big. And do your best within the soup of infinite possibility, get clear on what matters to you right now. And HOW can you make progress towards it in the most meaningful way? It’s not about getting there – although that may eventually happen when you focus on it long enough. The point is that you’ve assumed responsibility for something bigger than yourself and you are taking tangible actions towards it’s realization.


No matter how far off it seems, you are courageous and bold in your ideas. You have the confidence in your ability to put one foot in front of the other and make it happen. And just this, will set you on your way. And the journey you will experience through life may be very different than what you imagined.. but THIS approach will help you in discovering what your true journey was intended to be. The people, places and things you were meant to experience along the way are on THIS path. And that’s the whole point. Not always the realization of a dream exactly the way you imagined, but the realization of life as you are working towards the dream.