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  • Revolutionize Time Management: Dive deep into practical strategies that will turn your daily grind into a smoothly flowing rhythm. Learn how to master your schedule, prioritize like a pro, and find more hours in your day for what truly matters.
  • Stress-Free Productivity: Uncover the secrets to maintaining peak productivity without risking to burn out. Our tailored methods help you balance work demands with personal well-being, ensuring you stay energized and focused.
  • Empowered Leadership: Step into your role as a visionary leader. Gain insights into inspiring your team, making impactful decisions, and leading your business towards a prosperous future with confidence and clarity.
  • Sustainable Business Growth: Learn how to scale your business sustainably. From optimizing operations to exploring new market opportunities, we guide you through creating a growth plan that is not only profitable but also manageable and enjoyable.

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Brian Tracy

World Famous Author & Speaker in the area of Personal Development & Business Success

"James Rick & Full Potential shows you how to get more out of your life than you ever thought possible."

Laila Regalado

Founder & Managing Director at laila-regalado.com, certified Yoga-Instructor

"I thoroughly enjoyed Timon's Coaching. It enhanced my approach to business. I learned to navigate the business world with a calm, clear, and relaxed state of mind, leading to greater success and well-being in my professional endeavours."

About Timon (Host, Coach, Project Leader)

Introducing Timon, Your Host and Guide to Empowered Leadership and Personal Growth. As Project Leader and Coach at Full Potential, Timon brings a unique blend of personal resilience and business savvy. His journey from overcoming near burnout to University Studies in Psychology, mastering focus, time & energy management for stress-free productivity and fulfilled living is a testament to his dedication to personal and professional growth. With his experience in guiding entrepreneurs and small business owners, Timon is not just a coach but a fellow traveler on the path to achieving full potential, ensuring founders & owners he coaches with find the balance, success, and fulfillment they seek.

About James (Founder, CEO, Headcoach) 

Meet James Rick Stinson Sunheart, a Visionary at the Forefront of Business and Wellness. With over two decades of entrepreneurial success, James founded OBPO, one of the most successful self-sustaining Business Process Outsourcing Companies located in the Philippines. He is the creative force behind the creation of Zen Village in the mountains of Costa Rica, a beacon of sustainable living and wellness. His innovative ventures, Cora Nation and Fiart, reflect his passion for blending technology with human-centric designs. As the head coach at Full Potential, James combines his extensive business acumen with a deep understanding of personal growth, guiding entrepreneurs and leaders to a future where technology and human potential thrive in harmony.

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