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Full Potential

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Live Your Dream Life

Hello, Full Potential beings and good morning!

It’s a beautiful day here in Panama, although, waking up to the sound of all these boats in their motors, requires using some earplugs in order to stay in bed a little longer! AND DREAM

So today’s post is around creating your dream life. Seeing how things have gone up until now and not being defined by it. Leaving limitations and patterns behind.

Expand your mind, see new perceptions of you, exercise new beliefs about what is possible and start feeling what it would be like to have a dream life.

What it would take, what you would wanna do? Where you would go? and who would you wanna be with? What kind of connections would you want to have? What are you capable of?

Just un-limit your thinking for a moment as you consider what the dream life would look like the dream business, the dream partnership, and imagine it’s all a dream.

What would you do differently? How would you be? How would you act towards what you love? What would be different from this starting place?

In exploring, you can see what is actually possible and what is probable, and what you might have to do in order to increase the probability of living his dream life.

And that’s where the infinite possibility of the universe and the constraints of this reality that we find ourselves in meet.

And it’s where these two worlds meet, that you’re going to experiment.

Rather than take it what you think you know for granted or believe that it is going to be the way it’s always been, or that you’ve already explored the edge of what’s possible between dream and reality: imagine yourself there again with unlimited possibility with new awareness.

And maybe the edge is farther than you might have believed. Maybe you constrained yourself in a closed reality, more than it actually is.

And so today’s prompt is about as really imagining that you’re capable of so much more, and that you just have to explore outside the realm of what you already know to be true.