Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

The Outpost Perdpective

Hello, and good morning, Full Potential beings!

It is a beautiful new day here in Panama City and I am about to watch my friend’s wedding. I never thought I would see the day. And yet here it is. Congratulations, Jason.

So last night I intended to see more lucid dreams experience them, and today I only have a small handful of memories from my dreams last night. I, will continue to double down on my focus.

I also find is helpful to have a clear idea of what you want to solve or have your subconscious mind solve during the night and put it to work and it will either show up in your dreams or it will have a better idea of what you want to focus on and solve during the next day. Building that relationship with your subconscious is very important.

Another thing that I woke up with today that I wanted to share was what I called the outpost perspective. It’s great way to disassociate from your personality and your ego as it is sometimes hard to see the improvements that need to be made when you are so close to the problem or so identified with who you are and your current patterns.

So the outpost perspective is essentially a way to see you yourself as having moved outside of your life. Zoom out and see it from a distance.

Its the being on the very edge of what you can perceive, looking back at yourself down there somewhere.

Taking that big step back to look at your challenges and to look at the opportunities. What’s important and what’s not important? And what should you do more of, what should you do less of?

Letting go of without being identified with the life, but looking at it from a more disassociated perspective- just for the purpose of tweaking it and being in a more neutral place to say yes or no to changes. Looking at your life as you would a best friend or someone that you deeply care about, rather than judging.

Making improvements for that person with the heart of compassion and love.

Thats it for today. May you take the time to see yourself from the outpost perspective.

Lovingly and compassionately seeing one, two or three things that you feel would really significantly improve the life of this vessel that you inhabit.

How can you optimize or change the environment you find yourself in for the better?

What could you improve if you were to start seeing your life from the outpost perspective and start making improvements with the time you have.

How could you also be more free if you aren’t who you thought you were?

Have a lovely day and see you tomorrow!