Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

Cultivating Cinscious Attention for Maximum Positive Impact

Hello Full Potential Beings, a new day is upon us. It is a glorious time to be alive. To realize our full potential.

And so with that, let’s dive in!

I have been enjoying Panama City over the last couple of days, here for my good friend Jason’s wedding. It really is a charming city. As we walked it yesterday. I have a new appreciation for it. And today will be going out on a boat from this morning until the evening time, so that should be fun.

Today’s download is really around decision making and how much energy or attention decisions require when one is confronted with difficult decisions.

Choices require evaluation, deliberation, consideration, reflection, projection, imagination, simulation, and a lot of energy that goes into designing what to do or what not to do. Looking at all the potential consequences of what is best for me and others. How might others behave or feel.

And ultimately, even when no decision has been made to act, there’s still a decision of going through this evaluation period, which can take up quite a bit of energy.

So the most important decision really is where best to use my life force energy as an investment?

Where am I going to get the best return, relative to the kind of positive impact that I want to have on my life and the lives of others?

And when we evaluate decision making from that place, the choice of where we put our attention begins even before a decision in the 3d.

Where to invest ones energy is a thoughtful investment and investment of thought and investment of life force energy. Even in the concentration, or the attention of a particular thing.

So what I focus my attention on, is ultimately the decision before all decisions and it requires an active awareness. To consider where attention is going and where best to put attention.

So where to put attention, is really a meta level of awareness, and that kind of consciousness is the focus of today’s post.

What gets your attention that you may or may not be aware of and where you want to reallocate that attention?

Once you’re aware that your attention is always going somewhere, putting your attention where you actually want it to go, requires a clear intention. Which requires letting go of whatever is not aligned with that intention.

Letting go of things, even if they are louder, even if they are attractive or tempting.

Where is your attention best allocated as an investor of attention?

And where can you cultivate attention around the things you really want to focus? Both in your environment, but also in your mental states and your mental patterns in your inner world.

How do you cultivate the awareness to consistently see where your attention is going?

One way I get more clear on where my attention is going is to start seeing reality through layers.

Unpacking my perception, and seeing it through these layers one at a time.


So the first layer when my eyes are open is the visual layer.

Instead of a defining each and everything mentally, and carving out labels for each and every item, I just see it all in one visual layer.


Next I notice anything auditory coming from the environment. Just notice all the sounds you may not have been aware of.


Then the next layer is feeling.

What do I feel in that environment? Usually I can feel the air, and I can feel the weight of that environment on a certain part of my body. For example, if I’m sitting here, or if I’m standing up, the weight on my feet, or on my butt.

What am I feeling from my external environment?

Now I shift to the internal sensations.

Inner Seeing, Hearing and Feeling

What do I see when I close my eyes?

What am I hearing in my internal environment? The voice in my mind narrating, what words is it using?

What am I feeling in my internal body and emotions.

Shift from external to internal and back again.

What am I seeing? What am I hearing? What am I feeling? How is what is going on externally affecting me internally, how is what I am doing internally effecting my external environment.

Moving awareness from layers of the external to the internal. Puts you in the drivers seat of where you are moving awareness.

And and then you can also shift to different parts your body moving from your feet up to your head and then from your head back down your feet, relaxing and noticing different areas your body.

So just by practicing moving awareness around, I’m moving your attention around.

You can start to become more aware of the various parts of your body and the various layers of your reality, and then as you are actively doing as you strengthening your ability to cultivate awareness where you want to focus where you want it to go, and then also duration.

As you practice this more, you’ll be able to start concentrating on certain areas longer. You will have more control over where you attention goes and the impact it makes there. Not just a product of your environment but a conscious choice of where your attention will have the most positive impact.