Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

Life in High Resolution

Every day as you take action, your reality is becoming more defined. Your reality right now is in high resolution.

Your image about the future, perhaps slightly lower resolution. And the daily actions you take, making that image more refined until you materialize it into today.

Do you know what you want to download into reality? Why it’s important to work on every day? And the daily actions you will take to help it come into existence?

The thing is you may never know the full file size, OR how long it may take to load into present reality.

But if you are certain it’s important enough, you will stick with it and do everything you can to make sure it finishes downloading.

What are you moving into reality through dedicated thinking and envisioning?

Why are you putting so much attention on that thing.. why is it important to you? Why will you sustain focus on it day in and day out?

How will you bring it into existence? Realizing that visualizing and knowing it’s purpose is not enough but as a conscious creator you may also need actively DO / download that reality over time.

Some may argue that manifestations just occur naturally.. but that is different from creation. Manifestation may bring into existence something someone else has already created. This is magnetizing and attracting.

But creating is often much more involvement. Requiring extensive thinking, planning and organizing. Very deliberately, with dedicated time, energy, money, talent and other resources.

For example Alexandria manifested some festival tickets recently. That was pretty impressive. But the festival itself didn’t just pop out of thin air at random, like the tickets. It took a lot more thinking , planning and hard work to create.

What is it that you wish to create? You may be starting with a low resolution version. And over time it will become more defined and refined. Don’t limit yourself from working hard, and planning and executing on a high level.

And don’t worry if something hasn’t materialized yet. Just get as clear as you can on the picture, why it’s important and how you can work on it daily to bring it into existence.

It may not seem like much progress is being made in the small actions daily. But over time the progress through intentional action is very noticeable.