Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

Focusing on the 7 Major Life Areas and Aliveness Factors

Hello Full Potential beings and welcome to this beautiful new day, so grateful to be alive to be able to create to be able to plan to have the time to be intentional with life.

I am on my final day here in Panama City, and I am about to return back to Costa Rica. I am grateful that I can experience a place like this with friends and return home to my sanctuary in the mountains.

Jason and I. He’s the one who just got married.

I am looking forward to reconnecting with everyone special and my life including the fuzzy animals that await my return.

I am excited to explore what feels like to have a really clear mind. It’s just going to make it much easier to focus where and how I want to.

It was my goal on this trip to get more clear in my mind, my vision. Not just what I want to create but also the kind of life that I want to live.

And I feel like I have gotten a lot more clarity in this time here, and am ready to do and take action on what I feel clear on.

I am grateful that whatever has had to happen over the course of my life for me to become as clear as I feel.

Without those experiences I’m sure I wouldn’t have a clear headedness that I do, and I can already sense that knowing where and how I want to focus is going to have profound changes of my life and that being able to concentrate on these things will just bring about more and more positive change for me, for others and for the world.

And so my challenge to you today is how can you get more clear, even more clear on what you’re going to focus on today and how you’re going to show up in life?

Not based on any pattern or way of being from the past, but how do you want to show up in life and are you want to master the important areas in your life?

Then we go back to the seven major life areas as a the point for focus and illumination of vision. It’s a good starting place.

PHYSICAL: aliveness & strength.

MENTAL: clarity & concentration

SPIRITUAL: higher purpose & meaning.

EMOTIONAL: fulfillment & joy

SOCIAL: love, connection and quality time.

FINANCIAL: success & abundance

ENVIRONMENTAL: optimization & cleanliness.

So with these is anchor points. What does your vision look like for these areas? What strategies do you have for how to optimize them? What actions do you want to make habitual that you’ll take today to optimize these areas And where can you put those habits?

Can track your habits and see them daily?

In terms of environment, organizing your phone is the best place to focus. If you have a phone and spend hours a day looking at it. (Or any screen you work from)

Organize and optimize your phone it’s also a distraction device unless you have it properly organized, so it’s important that you convert your distraction device into a focus device.

Which then makes it easier to focus where you want to focus.

And the next area, that you really want to optimize is your physical environment. The room you spend the most time in, and then the rooms in which you generally live.

I highly recommend having note books, pens and white boards handy in these rooms. So that you can make sure that your mind is externally organized, and quickly made clear by your environment even (especially) if you get off track.

And if you are traveling like I am right now it’s been a blessing to have my phone as organized is it is. Because I haven’t really skip to beat terms of focusing on my habits.

The the only thing I haven’t been able to access as much here is the aliveness factors that I have easier access to back home.

Having a greenhouse my backyard and really healthy and fresh organic foods. I really just didn’t see much of that here. And believe me, I looked!

There were some places I could go and get a fruit smoothie and only one place I found that had kale this whole trip. It’s just not as easy to find, but maybe because I already know where to look in CR.

So something that I would explore more before traveling in the future is, how to setup the supply lines for aliveness goods in advance. And not just trust in the availability of food from the restaurants to be alive, because now after just a few days of living like this, I feel like my energy isn’t as optimized as it was before I left.

So part of me is suffering for not being able to have access to the familiar things for aliveness. And I am looking forward to dialing those in as quickly as possible.

So how can you plan ahead as well with any travel or changes going on? Where will you find the energy boosters / foods that are most alive in your environment? Where are they hiding / who knows about them?

Make sure that your your state of aliveness remains very high. With water, full breaths, nutrition and movement. And make sure the water is the best it can be. The air quality the best it can be. The nutrition the best it can be.

Keep your energetic states high with aliveness factors such as what you eat, what you drink how you move and what you focus on— as these are foundational for your energy. And energy for all your other activities, whether they be work related, personal, relationships.. the quality of these really all begins with how you feel. and how you feel begins with the foundational layers of hydration nutrition and deep breathing and movement.

Key points

— How can you use the 7 life areas to visualize your ideal dream life?

— What aliveness factors do you need to add into your life to feel more alive? What will you do?

— What energy drains will you let go of or do less of?

Deep breathing
Vital (alive) nutrition

Meditation (clear mind)