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Full Potential

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Making the Best Decisions You Can

Hello Full Potential Being.

Welcome to this glorious new day. Thankful to be alive. Thankful to be free.

It’s already afternoon. The day has been flying by. And after getting back from Panama, I think I may have caught something from the travels so I’ve had the sniffles and a bit of a slower speed day.

Over the last few days while in my own energy I feel like I’ve had the opportunity to decide something. Decide more on how I want to live. How I want to invest my energy. Who I want to invest it with. How that might go.


I realize that in the process of deciding I’ve kept my options open. I haven’t actually decided. I have postponed the decision. I’ve evaluated, I’ve pondered, I’ve simulated, but I haven’t really been forced to make a decision very often.


In fact as it comes to relationships, even when I’ve decided to enter into partnership, very often I’ve continued to keep my options open. This has been a difficult realization as it has had an impact on many hearts along the way.


The feeling of safety, freedom and love I feel from having connection with multiple people, also creates more challenges and energy disbursement. And more confusion as I keep options open without deciding one way or another. This way of living has probably consumed more energy than I can even comprehend.


In making a decision recently I feel like I’m not exploring what it’s like to be on the other side. I’m in a place now where I get to see what happens next. Choice made. Committed to a path. It actually feels a little scary but I’m curious to see what happens next.

If you’re going through your own tough decisions in life hopefully you’ll find this post helpful.

First let’s define decision:


The word decision comes from it’s latin root meaning “the act of deciding” to decide or determine or “cut off” from.. a decision cuts away from all other options.

For someone that is fond of holding options open, this is not an easy thing to do.


I’ve heard it said, and I agree “I’m free to choose, but I’m not free from the consequences”. Any choice carries consequences with it. And we don’t always know what those consequences are until after we’ve made a decision. But we tend to have a pretty good idea of how a decision might work out if we listen to our intuition.


The hardest thing to do is turn away from someone or something that seems or feels good in the moment, knowing that i might carry heavier consequences later on. These temptations offer us temporary relief of escape from reality but almost always have a penalty to pay later on. If we are listening to our intuition, we can be informed before we make these kind of mistakes.


Getting stuck in the head about making a decision is probably the least informed place to be. The mind tends to get confused about decisions and waver, trying to gather more data. The heart is a more useful guide if you can really drop in and listen. And our desires, especially sexual, in our sacral or root chakra, offer very real feedback of WHAT YOU WANT but may not be the best guide for decision making.


If you can tune into all your centers, your mind, your heart, your sexual and intuitively listen – you’ll be guided by all the parts of you to make the best possible decision. Not just from the mind, not just from the heart, not just from desire.. and not just on a hunch, but from all of them. Especially when they all feel aligned or there’s no disagreement between them.

I think over the last few days I’ve been contemplating things from all these places and I’ve found disagreement between them. Which is what has made it so hard to decide. One part of me really wants one thing and another something different.


Ultimately though, if we want to exercise our power we HAVE to make a decision. We cannot wait. We cannot just leave options open until those opportunities close on their own. Otherwise we have the power to decide but we don’t use it. We allow reality to choose things for us, rather than proactively choosing ourselves with our Soul’s wisdom and guidance.

If you have a tough decision to make. Take some time. Feel into all the parts of you. Gather as much information as you can on the matter so that you are well informed. But know that most things are never 100% clear.. life is an experiment. You make the best decisions you can, then you are informed on the quality of choice you made. And you have the power to choose again.


Don’t be afraid of making decisions. Don’t delay them longer than you need to. Exhausting your mind or body in the process of being in limbo. Don’t spend unnecessary time and energy trying to hold onto options longer than you need to, because you’re procrastinating on making a decision.

Take the time to listen to all your centers. Gather all that you can to make the best decisions. Make decisions. Take the risk to exercise your power to decide. Gather more information based on your decisions and make new decisions.

There was a study done on highly successful executives. The one factor they studied was how fast they made decisions and how successful they were. They found that by isolating this one factor, that it was the most important factor in success. Apparently this was because that even when a ‘bad’ decision was made quickly, a better decision was made quickly to fix it. Versus waiting a long time to gather information to make a decision and then waiting a long time to fix it if it was wrong. The key difference in the success of the two groups was how quickly someone made decisions. Not necessarily whether they were taking enough time to make the right decision.

Now obviously in some cases a wrong decision can be fatal, in life, in a business or in a relationship. But if enough thought goes into making a decision to ensure it’s not a fatal decision, and correcting decisions quickly before they become fatal – fast decision making can change the game. Not just in the business arena but in every area of life.

I hope you found today’s post helpful. Now get out there and make the best decision you can today and I’ll see you tomorrow đŸ™‚