Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

Revel in the Unforeseen: Finding Opportunities in the Unexpected

Hello Full Potential Beings

It’s a new day and the sun is shining and I am grateful to be alive.

I have been still recovering from the trip to Panama, and experienced hopefully the worst of it last night. So I pray for a full recovery and that I am at a level ten energy by the end of today.

So today, we explore how the path is not always as linear and straight as our minds would want it to be.

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There’s all kinds of twists and turns and challenges and obstacles and opportunities that life presents along the way, and that we do our best to the accept, adapt and grow through.

And that’s what keeps life interesting and exciting and mysterious all at the same time.

If we can embrace all of the twists and turns along the way and really find the the benefit in everything, find the lessons and the value and the love behind everything that’s happening in our lives, then I believe we have incredible instruments with which to navigate these challenges.

It’s only if we resist them or say they shouldn’t be here- this is not the way its supposed to be, that we miss the greater opportunity presenting itself.

But if we’re open and say okay, why is life presenting this to me? Yes I could run. I always have the option to run or quit or give up or turn away and avoid the path that might lead to my highest growth or my greatest experiences. I always have the option to shut down and try to be safe.

But regardless of how safe I play it, I am going to end up in the same place as everyone else. As far as leaving this body and leaving behind everything on this planet except for my experiences and growth.

So how could I maximize the experience of this journey? How could I make the most of it? How can I learn and extract the absolute most value I can for my Soul’s enrichment along the way?

It not always look like a straight path, and I may not be able to check all the boxes my mind wants to check.

And yet there’s a part of me that can be in a deeper appreciation, a deeper desire and a deeper will and willingness to explore and experience my actual path. Even if it’s challenging.

At some point I genuinely need to let go of my expectations. I may not always feel safe. Especially if I take the path of my highest growth.

In fact it’s likely that the highest growth path is going to be challenging and require all of me. There’s a good chance this is all by design that it’s requiring all of me and it’s just my willingness to surrender to what I thought was my ideal.

To embrace what feels like my highest excitement, my highest desire. My highest joy, not in an impulsive way, but in a stable way in a way that will bear long term fruit.

My true path may not look like what I thought it would look like.. but life presented me with an opportunity to grow as much as I could and I accepted it.

If I can embrace the path and not resist it, there’s a lot more to experience here- more than I ever imagined.