Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

Goal Compatibility: The Foundation for a Fulfilling Life

Hello, and good morning, full potential beings!

Today is the brand new day. All that has been is already behind us, what is, is present and what is to be, is yet to come.

So what do we do with this spaciousness ahead of us? And what have we learned from the the story behind us? How will we use the present moment?

For this moment. What is the most relevant goal right now? And for me it’s writing this post.

But this post is connected to a series of future events that the I trust in writing this post that I will be connected to in completing this short term goal.

I trust that it will leave to completion of a bigger vision would is really just another goal over a longer time line.

At the end of the day it is all just those goals or objectives that our intelligence is moving towards.

And even if we have no stated goal there is still subconscious goals. Even meeting needs is a kind of goal, or acquisition algorithm.

We want to meet certain needs and so we go through a series of actions or even a single action to meet that need ones that need is satisfied.

The machine can then move on to the next goal or need, If you want to call it that.

What is the most relevant need that you have right now? That is the most urgent. That is the one yearning for attention for consciousness for intelligence to figure out how to satisfy it.

And that is where resources go.

So when you can identify and actually make conscious what it is that you are actually seeking, you can create more alignment within yourself. Cause.

You can then give yourself more reasons for why that goal should actually be your focus. Why it deserves more attention. You can recruit more resources for that goal. Just as one who’s creating a magnificent company or organization can recruit more help in the form of talent. More knowledge. More intelligence. More money towards the vision, that is really just the goal of that company.

The needs that that company organization is meant to serve.

And if it is wise in how it organizes and utilizes it’s resources, than it will sustain itself as it is moving toward it’s goal or meeting it’s needs.

And so this really is the game of life. It is the clarity of what is truly the goal and the relevancy of the moment in the the shortest time period possible.

Being able to compress time order to realize goal really takes focus. And so one thing that really stands out in this process is what I would call goal compatibility.

The human mind may have more than one goal in mind at a time, but it can only work towards one goal even if it may have multiple. It can have multiple goals that are incompatible, or compatible with each other and so as, it works towards one goal and strive towards another, if there isn’t a goal compatibility between them that the wastes resources.

It uses resources for one thing it doesn’t quite accomplish it, then it uses resources for another thing it. Doesn’t quite accomplish it it.

It takes resources moving away from target one when it moves towards target two. And from target two when it moves towards target three. And so now we have the human experience of mostly seeking. Not always finding.

The seeking is the journey. And time is the space over which we seek. But if we are not focused until a goal is realized, we realize ourselves always seeking.

What it is that we seek? If we are not clear on what we are seeking in specificity, we are always shifting and moving around searching for what might be the most relevant goal for need we have in the present moment.

And if we meet a need in a in a shallow way or a not fully fulfilled way we might lose motivation. For example if we do drugs and it gives us a hit and temporary high, it takes away the need to feel satisfied or fulfilled naturally. We might feel satisfied in the moment of receiving the chemicals the substance gives us as it binds with receptor sites and gives us a temporary high, but then we miss using our biology feel naturally high from the accomplishment of truly meaningful endeavors. There’s a part of our consciousness that cannot deny what we know is the truly valuable thing.

And so if we sacrifice higher goals and choose lower desires rather than trying to meet and focus on meeting higher desires and purpose, then we create more goal incompatibility and we become lost.

Because we don’t actually give ourselves the opportunity to be truly fulfilled feel deeply purposeful.

Feeling like we had to tap into our full potential, at the highest level of our capabilities and succeeded. When do that, we love ourselves for it. And others can love us for the genuine discipline or development the depth that, we’ve put into ourselves.

So get very clear on what is the goal.

And the goals or objectives leading towards that greater vision. And do everything you can to strip away the goals they don’t feel compatible with the greatest vision of the future. So that you have total alignment and compatibility between goals both short term and long term.

Then as you move towards your great a vision, you are making progress, even with small daily victories.

We are not changing direction all the time. We can see our destination on the horizon and we pick up goals along the way. The compatibility between all goals helps us conserve our energy and accelerate towards what we truly want. Building momentum.

Staying the path that we’ve been able to concentrate on, and focus in as much clarity and straightforwardness as possible.

So when we can truly a line up all of our goals and objectives and visions and missions in a clear path where everything is compatible we are focused. And when remain conscious of any goals that are not compatible with what, we’ve consciously chosen for ourselves, we let distractions dissolve before we even put resources into them. Including our most precious resource, including conscious attention trying to figure them out.

Once we can become so clearly defined in our minds of what our goals are and how they all align, we can marshall all of our resources and really organize and optimize our environments, and our relationships and our networks and everything in relation to the goals.

Yes because we don’t always know what the future may hold it’s important there be an openness to the flow. And the change a goal if it is not meant to be or isn’t what we truly want anymore.

Our primary goal deep down is to be fulfilled and love who we are:l. So on the, deepest level if we set a goal to be fulfilled and love ourselves we can measure all other goals against that. And align everything with the clarity that we just want, joy, happiness and love at the deepest level.

Then we explore what will bring us that and we from our best estimate, right now, set a goal, and set multiple compatible goals for the realization of that.

And then we check in with ourselves regularly, do I feel a deeply satisfying purpose as I work on this?

We already realizing a goal right now in every moment. Even if we aren’t conscious of it.

Is the thing that we’re trying to achieve leading us to our highest excitement and bliss? Are there clues we are getting there now, by how we feel?

Being more conscious about not only where you are headed but if you are on track is really the point in many ways of consciousness itself.

If we are as happy as can be now and excited about getting somewhere deeply meaningful, we must have some goal compatibility.

When we are focused on something specific that is it helping us realize what we care about .. we can feel the joy now even if it’s not already here.

And even if we have multiple goals as we shift between categories (like the 7 major life areas) they are all connected to the bigger goal of living a fulfilling life that taps into our full potential.

Just keep aligning your actions with that bigger mission by looking at the relevancy of what you’re doing right now. How does it all connect?

Have goal clarity in the forefront of our consciousness will help us create the greatest degree of goal compatibility across our entire lives.