Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

God Perspective

Words have the power to maintain focus on a certain topic or area or craft the lens through which we see the world. How you view the world, or even what’s in front of you right now is perhaps the most important DECISION that you aren’t even aware you’re making. Once you get conditioned into … Read more

The Golden Thread

Happy New Day. I’m writing here from our growing village in the mountains of Chirripo (Costa Rica) I decided that the early I can start writing the better as I usually have ideas fresh from sleep still percolating in my consciousness. Plus I’m more likely to actually write something the earlier I do it. So … Read more

From Resistance to Reward

Resistance is often the result of riskRisk is inevitable in all actions.All actions have inherent risks.As we avoid the risks, we resist the reward.Everyone wants the reward without the risk.But sometimes you have to take the risk, going through the resistance – to get the reward. Reducing resistance in order to get to the reward … Read more

How to Create a Profitable and Purposeful Life. Now and When AI Takes Over Money (Video)

how to create a profitable and purposeful life

Transcript: Hey guys, today’s positive morning share is just flowing. Coming through what I learned today, what’s flowing through very simple here is, we’re going to talk about money.  First of all, the state of your finances is really just the state of your beliefs and then what you want to look at. Is being … Read more


LOVE THE GREAT AWAKENING IS UPON US The thing we all want or need is love. But might we be so afraid of the intense experience of love that we push it away, try to protect or control and otherwise avoid it? It might seem like the greatest of all ironies, how could something so … Read more