Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

The Great Unknown

Hello Full Potential Beings. It’s another glorious day to be alive. Thank the heavens for time to experience consciousness and grow our spirits.

Yesterday Alexandria’s dad arrived into town. His first impressions of Costa Rica were during his time in the city San Jose and he was like, why in the world would they want to live here? And then he made it to Chirripo and was like “OH” I understand now. smile

Today’s download is about the unknown.

So much of our lives can be spent trying to uncover or make conscious that which is not known. We can be terrified of the monster that’s not even there, because we sense or believe it might be there.

Usually the scariest part of a scary movie, is before you see what the monster even looks like. The hints and clues that something isn’t right. The noises. The expression on people’s faces when they’ve see the monster. But to the actual monster. Why is that?

Our imagination has this amazing capacity to create a future that’s brighter than anything we’ve ever known. That same imagination has the ability to conjure the worst of possible outcomes and react to it.

To imagine a worst case scenario takes the assembling of all the bits and bytes of data of what we know about terrible experiences in the world and putting it together into one complete image.

Then when we see that image we say, there’s no way I want that! And start moving in the other direction. This is the thing we want to AVOID. Even the word “avoid” hints at what makes it so scary.. the void, the unknown. The dark.

And while MOST of life is in a kind of void, as far as our conscious focus goes. We CAN shed light on many things over the course of our lifetime. But we can only really shine the light of our consciousness on ONE THING at a time.

So as soon as we move the flash light of our consciousness from one file to the next, the previous file essentially moves back into a subconscious state. Until we bring our awareness to it again.

This means we are forever trying to keep the most important files, thoughts, memories, images, relationships – in our field of vision. In our focus. In our awareness. And doing our best to figure out what can drop out of sight.

The anxiousness produced by not knowing what we should stay focused on and what can drop out of sight can be overwhelming. Choices are constantly being made. Even our own biology is making these kind of decisions by default. Neurons used to remember a language, if not used, after a while become rewired to support another behavior that you practice often.

In this finite existence, with finite resources and finite amounts of cells and neurons, the biological and neurological hardware and software is doing its very best to identify what has value and how to keep that in the light of our awareness. Everything else drops into the unknown or forgotten, for a time, or forever.

Ironically this may be the thing we fear most. Becoming apart of the great void. The forgotten. The unknown. The unconscious where we cease to exist as we know it.

Key points:

  • Our imagination is a powerful projector of reality. It can create the most inspiring or horrifying images. We have to take control of this process to have the best possible outcomes in life.
  • Taking control of the imagination requires knowing what you want to focus on and seeing it in the best possible light. This takes awareness and it takes practice.
  • Being aware of our conscious limitations – such as that we can only think one thought at a time, allows us to accept that there will always be a great deal of void around us.
  • Rather than avoid the void, we can embrace it, and relax into it during times of rest and letting go.
  • We may find it easier to relax, that as long as we make visible the few key relationships, actions or numbers that we really need to pay attention to
  • In times of great uncertainty, we can practice being more aware. This will lead us to insights and paths and appreciation for things we might not have otherwise seen if we were panicked or stressed.