Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

Changer of Worlds

Good morning Full Potential Friends! It’s a beautiful new day.

Appreciating how it feels to breathe. Be alive. Recall dreams. And write blog posts like this one.

To be alive. To fully appreciate being alive. The easiest thing to forget. You are aware because you are alive. You breathe. You are here. You have consciousness. And thought. And the ability to be and do. Because you are alive.

This aliveness is an expenditure of energy. It has a cost. Aliveness has an expense. And eventually the time of aliveness, at least in this realm, runs out.

So the preciousness of aliveness. The sacred beauty of aliveness. The mysterious miracle of aliveness. To deeply appreciate just being alive as a baseline for existence – this cultivates a gratitude that can never be stripped away from you.

Life is full of challenges. And to be in the best energy possible, is an evolutionary advantage. It allows you to adapt easier to the changing circumstance. And rather than focus on ‘what’s out there’ in terms of what will make you happy or sad, if you can be fulfilled on some level with just being alive — you already have a positive charge.

Beginning with a positive charge, we are now stacking things in our favor.

The next thing we want to be aware of is that reality is not always as it appears to be, but rather as we believe it to be. And that ‘the world’ as we know it out there, is really just a reflection of our collective beliefs.

As much as we might look out and say that’s how it is, there’s an inseparable influence we have on the ‘external’ world just by how we look upon it. This has already been proven by quantum physics in what’s called “the observer effect” whereby quantum waves appear to be in a particle form, when observed by consciousness.

Consciousness, and your ability to observe reality, is already influencing it. The state or energy of your consciousness, and the LENS or beliefs through which you look at it, have a huge influence on reality and the collective belief matrix we call society.

So if you want to really tap into your power as a creator, being grateful for just being alive, conscious and in a vessel – is a great start! What a victory!

Next is how unlimited you are in your beliefs. Remembering that you entered into a collective belief matrix that was perpetuated by the education and guidance you received by others who entered into that matrix as well. And that you must first deprogram and UN-LIMIT yourself to get back to your true nature as a creator.

Now that you’re in a positive charge, and you’ve unlimited your belief system to match your imagination’s infinite potential – you’re already one step closer to being the truly powerful creator that you are.

The next step in this process is CLARITY When you are in a positive state, and have unlimited beliefs with an imagination that has infinite potential, you are now seeing more clearly. That’s what the majority of this post has been about up until now, just helping your consciousness to see more clearly.

With clarity you have a better perspective of WHERE or WHAT you want to FOCUS. Focus concentrates consciousness into a specific place and time. So the most important decision you now make is WHERE you focus your precious consciousness. Recognizing that NOW is all there is. And HERE is the only true place of your existence – you begin to focus in the HERE and NOW.

Now as a positively charged, unlimited in beliefs, tapping into the infinite potential of imagination, having clarity, in the present — you are showing up as a POWERFUL creator that remembers more of who it is and what it is capable of.

On what specifically now do you concentrate your powers? Beyond just being in the now, WHAT in the now deserves your focus?

This will be an ongoing decision. As new thoughts may enter your awareness. Either from previous experience or new stimuli. Which ones do you focus on and which ones do you discard. How you navigate the mind will determine the quality and results in your life.

If you allow the mind to present thoughts and then you feed those thoughts with your consciousness WITHOUT the awareness of what you’re feeding — you will be putting your fate in the hands of circumstance. If your environment is friendly – you might have an easier life. If your environment is harsh, you may have a very difficult life.


But if you master your mind, you master your environment. Whether your environment be harsh or cruel.. if you know what thoughts to feed with your consciousness, you will exert influence on the environment. Whether you are born into a cruel or kind world, you will be able to shape it from your imagination. Influence it. Shift it. Until the environment is more a reflection of your powerful consciousness, beliefs and capabilities.

Knowing how to reshape your environment is the last stage of creation. You are a changer of worlds

Bottom line:
You are no longer just a product of the collective belief matrix. Limited in beliefs. Susceptible to circumstance. Changing like the wind. Scattered like your thoughts. You are a changer of reality. Able to positively charge your consciousness. Unlimited in your beliefs. Infinite in your imagination. Powerful in the here and now. Clear on what you want to focus on. Capable of choosing thoughts that support you. Changing hanging environments (worlds) through your conscious, creative, clear & powerful life force energies. Congratulations and welcome!