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Full Potential

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Commit to Consistency

Hello and good morning Full Potential Beings 🌞 ! A new day is upon us. Another gift. Another blessing.

Let us design this day in the best possible way for the greatest fulfillment.

Right now as I reflect back over recent posts, what feels inspiring to share is simply this: consistency and repetition in building a body of work.

When I first started down the path of personal development I was amazed at the things I could learn that they did not teach at school.

I was about 13 years old learning about meditation, lucid dreaming, astral travel and the science of personal achievement.

The subjects in school seemed boring in comparison. And I couldn’t figure out why these subjects were not even touched on.

That’s when I decided to start ‘The Success Connection’ newsletter / magazine to share more on success and personal development. I thought more people would be interested and this was before the internet even a thing!

I did a marketing blitz with the coupons brought to thousands of people’s households and spent about $300.

I got one $40 subscription.

And I decided to cancel the venture and give the money back.

Fast forward years later.. I would start the Full Potential Show and interview over 250 experts and authors in the field of personal development, success etc as I was establishing a YouTube channel.

And because it didn’t grow to tens of thousands of subscribers very quickly, I decided to stop doing the show.

I wrote a book and because it got an ‘average’ review I stopped trying to promote it.

I wrote several more books, none of which I actually published.

The truth is I haven’t always given this Full Potential Mission my all. And dedicated myself to the practice of consistency and repetition.

If I had.. who knows where it would be right now or how many more people I would have positively impacted.

It’s just that consistency and repetition.. take time. Take motivation. Take discipline. And so often if motivation comes from the extrinsic feedback and I am not getting enough to continue, it’s hard to stay on track.

That’s why I have just decided regardless of external feedback to just get into the practice of consistency and repetition.

Writing every day because it will make me a better writer. It will help me clarify my ideas. And it will help me build a body of work that I can look back and feel like I accomplished something. This feels good.

And that was my original slogan of Full Potential: it feels good.

Bottom line:

So find that thing you want to do, and get better at. Commit to repeating it and doing it consistently. Find the intrinsic, internal motivation to continue. And build up a body of work that you can look back and be proud of.