Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

Good Morning I

Good morning I. I am speaking to myself. Remembering myself as not separate in any of my individual parts. Remembering that I am whole. And that my language pattern can help me remember.

I use language as a way to express perception. And when I consolidate all forms of separateness into an individual I existence, through the use of “I” it’s as though I’ve remembered the oneness of who I am through language.

When I stop using words like they, we, them, others etc. I remove some of the division. And as simple as it may seem, language patterns are everything for the flow of my consciousness.

I think in dialogue with myself. I converse in dialogue with other parts of myself. And so when I shift my language pattern to be more inclusive of who I am , I melt walls of separateness and division. I instantly feel closer, and I exist in greater harmony with myself. Which is ultimately what I always wanted. Isn’t it?

I have played the game of forgetfulness with myself. Because this allows me to experience separateness. And then I always remember and find my way back to myself as feeling whole and complete.

Vast as I am.. it is all just one continuity of my consciousness. As I remember, I awaken. As I awaken I remember. I am all here now.