Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

How to Grow your Imagination

Hello and Good Morning Full Potential Beings, that I am. I am writing today’s post from the place that I am all this. I am remembering who I am. I am in service to myself at the highest level, as all the parts of this unique creation I have made.

Today I want to inform myself that I am here to dream whatever I want. So if I can remember how powerful I am as a dreamer, I can set in motion the conditions for reality to conform to my ideals.

Getting very clear on what those ideals are.. in the form of the most intense visualizations that I can develop. With practice I can visualize in detail.

I am creating with my imagination all the time. So why not direct that imagination into creating at the levels of my highest desire. I have that ability? Why forget what my powers are? I can use them now.

One way I can start practicing my visualization is to imagine a large, clear box that’s empty. Now I can put anything I want inside of it. And I can start with a simple object such as a white circle. Now I can focus on seeing a white circle inside my large, clear empty box.

Now I can put something else inside of it. And that something can be anything I want. What do I want to put into my box #1 ? How advanced can I get in visualizing the details of what’s in box # 1 ?

Now if I like, I can create another box and we’ll just call it box #2 for now. What do I want to put into box #2 ? Do I find that exciting, that I can create anything I want inside these boxes?

I am not only exercising my ability to visualize here. But also to un-limit my thinking. Since I can surely put anything I want inside of these boxes and material resources are not a limitation.. what do I put inside them and why?

I can put whatever I want into these boxes and start visualizing. It could be goals I want to achieve. Or just experiments I want to simulate in my mind first. The more I just create a clear space and imagine what I want to put there, the better I’ll get at it.

Key points:

  • Start with a clear empty box and put something simple inside there.
  • Visualize what you put in there and try replacing it with something a little more advanced (replacing a circle with a lake)
  • Create more boxes and move in your mind’s eye to those other boxes, labeling them for instance #1 , #2 , #3
  • Return to your boxes anytime you close your eyes, and replace the contents of the boxes with anything you wish.
  • Simulate the realization of goals or even the activities you need to carry out in order to achieve the goals. The more you practice, the better you’ll get at it!