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3 Keys to a Successful Venture: Make, Market, Manage

Hello Full Potential beings I hope your day is off to an amazing start. Another beautiful day to celebrate being alive!

The day is young, and I am excited for all of the things that I intend to create today

I had some interesting dreams last night as we lean more into the dream realm with some of the ventures we want to launch. Including Nidria a dream products company.

I realize how much fun and joy I get out of helping people start up a business. And how good I am at it. I want to engage in more of that. And I have boiled my mission down to helping people set up systems, strategies and solutions for their life and livelihood. I can help with relationships, but it’s just a bonus. 😉

One little guidebook I want to work on today is called make, market, manage. It’s based on basically the three things involved in creating a business. And finding what you’re good at and what you want to outsource!

Here’s a quick overview of the concept


Some people have a knack for inventing products or services or experiences out of thin air.

These people are artists or inventors or creative in a way that they bring things from the sky into the 3-D.

The trick is, sometimes making things is the only thing they are great at— and bringing their ideas to life in a sustainable way, is not their forte.


This is where these newly made creations meet the marketplace.

Organizing an new idea, product or experience into a well presented offer that makes sense, this is another level of expertise.

It requires understanding how to properly position, price, and persuade people to see the value in what you have to offer more than the money they possess to acquire it.


If you are successful in persuading people to purchase your product, service or experience, now you have to fulfill on the promise of delivering value to them.

Often this is more than just making a product and sending it to them. It involves managing people involved in the execution of making and marketing that thing to happen.

It also involves reading and understanding reports, managing cash flow.. And being intelligent about where to reinvest.


Without having expertise in each one of these areas, it is very difficult to develop a holistic and sustainable system for the delivery of a product, service or experience.

So, even though you may know how to make something , you may not know how to market and manage what is necessary to make it’s realization an ongoing reality.

And even if you know how to market, you might be able to make money but you aren’t really adding anything new to the market and you may not survive if you don’t know how to manage well enough.

And even if you know how to manage a venture and it’s cash flows, you can get bogged down from seeing the big picture and unable to make anything new happen, and be unable to market and stay alive.


• In order to be a successful venture, you need to have all three M’s working together, to create a working system.

• This is either a superstar person that knows how to DO all three or learns how to do them well enough to stay alive. They might become a slave to the venture in the process.

• Or someone who knows how to JOIN a team that knows how to do all 3. (Usually in the form of a job. May also be a partnership)

• Or someone that knows how to BUILD a team to complement their strengths and organize a working system of all 3 parts. (an entrepreneur / CEO)