Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

The Keys: Right Beliefs, Healthiest Options, Truest Love, Highest Truth, Divine Beauty

Hello Full Potentialites ! A beautiful new day is upon us. Thank the heavens for the miracle that today is and that we are all still here to read this.

Today’s download is around this absurdity that there is no right or wrong or good or bad. With no absolutes we are directionless and ripe for corruption.

Even the notion that there is no right or wrong creates an inherent ‘rightness’ about that assumption. Making it inconsistent from the start. It assumes this is the most ‘right’ view, when it says there is no right or wrong. So it is already in conflict with itself in asserting its rightness, it’s wrong.

Once we can agree there are some absolutes that we can rely on, it becomes very wise to explore what they are. Like discovering a universal compass in a way, to find true north in an otherwise chaotic universe.

These are the universal laws and principles that open doors to whoever knows them, regardless of who it is.

And rather than presume these are absolutes, I will still state them as assumptions and let you arrive at your own conclusion about whether in fact they are absolutes for you.

This is an important first step in our journey .. allowing you to come to your own truths. And not simply accepting what someone else asserts as true, no matter how confident they seem.

Assumption #1 The Right to One’s Own Beliefs

This first assumption is that we all have the right to our own belief. And that while it seems everyone wants you to believe what they believe, either for validation of that belief or some other personal gain, the important thing is to view everyone else’s opinion as an assumption that needs some kind of validation or evidence before you accept it as your own belief.

The more tested and supported by fact a belief is, the more you can trust it.

And although we may never know if something is true 100% .. we can get closer to the truth by being skeptical.

Skeptics disallow flimsy evidence in favor of concrete facts. And seek multiple instances where the belief can be applied and proven valid. This is actually the true nature of science, but it has been distorted to serve agendas.

While some skeptics can skew reality into pessimism, a healthy skepticism isn’t negative, it simply seeks the truth with no bull shit in between.

Assumption #2: The Healthiest Option

In matters of right or wrong, the most right answer is probably the healthiest answer.

For example when considering what to eat, the right answer is whatever is healthiest. When considering what to do, or how to relate with someone else, the healthiest option is probably the best option.

Now we might opt for an option that is most pleasurable in the moment or the easiest, and try to justify it. But there’s no denying that if the best option is the healthiest option and we just choose a less than healthy option.. we agree on what is north but still go south, for various reasons.

The mind is very good at justifying behavior. But in the face of a true north, there is only clarity of what is best and choices that may lead us from that best.

Believing in ‘bull shit’ like there is no right or wrong choice, allows us to choose the easiest or most pleasurable option without the cognitive dissonance of seeing the right choice.

Assumption #3: Love is Healthy

As we get to the bottom of what to believe about love, the truest and purest form of love is the healthiest kind.

It creates harmony. It is pure. It has no agenda. It has no expectations.

So much of what is said about love falls in the category of romanticizing, fantasizing, possession and attachment.

Often these forms of ‘love’ are really just Ego over-reach. Expanding beyond the bounds of itself and trying to control something out of itself. To secure something that feels good.

Ego attempts at control are often unhealthy. Therefore the assumption that the Ego is trying to control something it loves, is actually not love. It’s a strategy.

Love in its highest form is healthy for all. It doesn’t seek to control. And it isn’t craving for more. When love is confused with lust or sex, it’s being viewed in a less healthy way.

Love stands on its own. Needs nothing. Vibrates everything into harmony. There is nothing more that needs to be done in the face of loving presence. All is well and whole. All is becoming healthier just in the presence of love.

It is the control, manipulation, exploitation, distrust and distortion of love by Ego.. that makes something pure into something unhealthy.

The moment love transforms from something healthy into something unhealthy, it is not love, it is something else. And the confusion is when it is still called love.

But if we can assume the highest love is the healthiest love and all other lower form expressions are not love but something else we may call attraction, craving, lust, desire, pleasure etc we can more accurately navigate to experience the truest form of love in ourselves and in others.

Assumption #4: Truth is No Bull Shit

When people say things like there is no truth or truth is relative, they may be discounting the facts or evidence that support it.

Not all the facts or information may be available to show the full truth, like how history is written by the victors, real evidence can be shrouded in what I like to call bull shit.

But the people that wrote that history, knew of a higher truth and decided to angle it with some bullshit to fit their agenda.

If you give up trying to know the truth, you don’t actually seek the information that will help you upgrade your perspective.

It may take a great deal of effort to get the truth, and sometimes the truth can be dangerous or controversial.. for those trying to find it out and especially for those trying to share it.

But in the end it’s the SEEKING of truth that is the absolute. In clearing away as much of the untruth as possible you get a better view of what is true.

Assumption #5: There is Beauty

When we live our lives according to what is right, healthy, loving, most true and so on.. we experience more beauty.

We can see the divine perfection, balance and order to all things. So our perspective becomes more beautiful and positive.

We nourish ourselves with the best foods and drink and so our bodies flourish and become beautiful to their maximum degree.

We emanate love and surround ourselves with partnerships or communities that value love in its truest form.

We create from truth and what is the most healthy for ourselves and others.

All of this leads to a beautiful experience and a beautiful creation. Not just in the typical surface level ways that we define beauty but in a more divinely inspired beauty that shows us the true nature of love in its unadulterated form. A kind of loved paradise.

From the experience of the observer within the body, into the outer reaches of the environment that vessel has influence on.