Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

Clarity: How It Can Happen

Hello Full Potential beings. A glorious new day is upon us. May all your dreams become manifest in reality as you take actions today that lead to your highest outcomes.

Today’s download is related to the importance of CLARITY.

Clarity comes before focus. How do you know where to focus unless you are clear? Clear on what you want to focus on. What’s important. Why it’s important.

So take some time today to get clear on the what you value most and how you want to attract more of that into your life.

While in the beginning it might be helpful to make a big list that you can sort out.. at the end of the day it’s your top 3 values that will get the majority of your attention.

So get clear on what your top 3 values are .. or the needs that call for most of your attention. Try to listen to them from a place of quiet solitude. Journal about them. Reflect on them. Really see if they are deserving of your life force energy and what is the healthiest way to relate with them.

Bottom line:

The more clear you are on the TOP 3 things that you need to focus on.. especially #1 , the easier it is to FOCUS.

And if you have a hard time focusing , maybe you just aren’t clear enough. Take the extra time you need to get away, create spaciousness and get clear within yourself what’s truly important.

Limit your intake of food, information and stimuli so that you can really let the mud of mind settle into the lake bottom, so the water is clear.

The process of letting go of everything and letting it settle is easier and easier the more clear you get. Give it time. Even a fasting from food and digital devices and socializing can be a very good thing to allow this clarity to arrive.

It’s counter intuitive because you don’t have to do anything to make it happen, it’s a process of doing less so that clarity can happen on it’s own.