Full Potential

Full Potential

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The Sting of Judgement

The sting of judgement is first something we inflict on another when we harshly judge even without saying a word. We then inflict that pain on ourselves when there is nobody else to criticize. This is where the line: ‘Judge lest ye be judged’ coles from. If you want to have a good life and … Read more

How Irritation Is Useful For Change

Much can be said about irritation. Coming in the form of discomfort, or pain. It signifies a change may be required. It is the cause of change for it is a source of motivation without pain, discomfort or irritation we may not have sufficient motivation to put attention on something to change it. Full PotentialVision: … Read more

Start Your Morning with Affirmations, Positive Youtube Video & Enjoy This New App for Organizing Your Mind!

Hello beautiful beings. It’s Saturday 9:30 AM, October 1st, 2022 and it’s a glorious time to be alive! I’m actively completing my daily routine and this post is part of it. Listened to affirmations this morning (sharing video at bottom of this post) .. for positive YT I listened to Joe Dispenza this morning talking … Read more

Are Your Choices Coming from Love or Fear?

Happy Wednesday! Just coming from the river and feeling great with my intermittent fasting that ends in about 15 minutes, so looking forward to my green smoothie and protein! Had a great call with development team in moving forward the Cora Nation app and the Fiart Project, more of which I’ll be sharing about here … Read more