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Full Potential

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How to WIN the Morning .. (It also helps you all day)

How to WIN your morning? Start it off with presence

Hello and good morning full potential beings! What a beautiful new day.. I am so grateful to be alive. As I write this breathing deeply from my porch by the river.

I never know exactly what wants to come through. I just write and see what the messages today it’s about focus on what’s important now.

The acronym is WIN. What’s Important Now goes far deeper than just the completion of tasks.

It takes practice to keep bringing attention back to the now, to your body, to even see the now beyond distracting thoughts.

To see that now, as it is, is important. You don’t, even have to do anything just see WHAT is in the now, as rich with information and experience, tuning in to see what is important here.

As it did this through my deep breathing this morning I could see my mind kept wanting to go off into the tasks of the day or a story of why I needed to do something more important now.

But with focus, I allowed myself to stay as relaxed as I could. Eyes closed. Breathing and relaxing into the now as I awake.

In the past I had condition myself to jump out of bed and start running and doing my morning routine as soon as possible.

Now, I am simply giving myself permission to perceive what is there, breathing deeply, relaxing and letting go of pressing thoughts. Slowing down first thing in the morning has become a part of a new way of being, a new ritual of letting myself enter the day in a more relaxed and conscious way.

It helps me to slow down and consciously experience the newness of the day and the mind is busied by answering the question what is important now, which is a trick to get it to stay focused in the now.

Gradually I allow their focus to shift to the needs of the day and for the mind too serve me there. But there’s something very empowering about directing the mind to not worry or immediately move me away from what IS, first thing in the morning.

To settle and see more clearly, before I sail this vessel into the day’s activities.