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The More ‘Expensive’ Might Just Be Faster and Safer Than Other Options

Its been a wild and crazy river day with the hurricane Julia making landfall in Nicaragua and dumping rains on Costa Rica especially where we are.

The chocolate rivers made me hungry for a nice warm cup of cacao so we had a nice cacao session today 🙂 .. Emma, I and Manuel.

The dogs and cats were happy to see us arrive back from Mexico last night. Good thing we took a private flight from San Jose to San Isidro: the roads got blocked by tree fall and landslides from the intense rains and we probably wouldn’t have made it back that same night. What a long trip that would have been!

Instead we simply walked from the main airport to the domestic terminal, got greeted by our pilot Kevin, went through a smaller airport terminal and directly onto our plane. 30 minutes later we landed in San Isidro, ate at this new garden cafe and made it safely home!

I have hesitated about spending money for some things like this before but I think I am getting better at discerning what is wasted money and what is wasted time / energy and when it comes to travel, paying a little more to compress time and get from point A to point B is worth the added cost, so long as I am not reckless about it, overspending to accomplish the mission.

I have worked it out so that the person I fly with is an experienced pilot but it’s about half the charter cost because I cover gas and aircraft maintenance and I am sure a little more. He gets more flight time and we got home safely in a much more convenient way.

Where can you invest a little more to accelerate your progress from point A to point B? Where have you been hesitant to invest in yourself, that might actually cost you more in time and energy doing it what appears to be the more conservative way?

Ironically the slower and ‘cheaper’ option is not only unpredictable in terms of time and energy, it is not even the safest route, especially this time of year.

What a great metaphor: One might think that by flying through the air and moving faster from point A to point B, they are at greater danger. And the body might feel fear, but in reality the scarier path might be the safer path!