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Full Potential

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A Few Lessons I Learned on Our Mexico Trip..

Good morning Full Potential brings. Just about to board my flight from Cancun to San Jose and wanted to get this post off before I am up in the air.

Emma and I had a great time this week in Tulum. And we had our moments.. big moments of processing.

I’d say some of my biggest takeaways are:

– it’s refreshing to be traveling again, it really helps to see things from a new perspective

– it will be nice to go back.. the feeling of going back can only be had when you leave

– as much as you might want to be ONE with another, it’s also nice to have plenty of space and breaks for yourselves and rediscover yourself

– setting a strong intention from the beginning of our trip was helpful in anchoring back to it again and again.

– nothing really goes exactly as planned.. be adaptive, be resilient

– things usually cost more than you expect they will, so expect them to cost more so you aren’t as surprised 🙂

– when I smoke weed I become un-relatable to most people. Smoke only if people are ready to go on a medicine journey

– I don’t really need to smoke and should get highlights naturally.

– there’s a spiritual war going on all the times for our mind’s and souls.. stay positive, stay sharp.

– being loving awareness means seeing through loving eyes.

– Judgement stings everyone including yourself

– Patience is a big part of spiritual development towards grace

– be willing to receive feedback about yourself from many people .. it can only help you improve

– try the vegan taco stand La Valeta, you won’t regret it.

That’s it for now. See you in Costa Rica or online soon 🙂