Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

Spaciousness for New Things to Happen

Hello Full Potential Beings.. another beautiful day here at Zen Village in Costa Rica. The sun was shining brilliantly today this morning. And I just got out from the amazing river here.

So I’ve had some new developments that are VERY present. One being that even though I just underwent a separation with Emma a new and beautiful Soul (Alexandria) has already showed up in my life in the most unexpected and incredible way. Even though its only been one day we’ve already gone super deep!

Being fully open with each other with every emotion and fear. Every desire. Time doesn’t exist! It’s just how willing are you to go deep and do you rationalize the intensity and say “It’s too soon for this” or just go with the current if it wants to take you?

Well I’ve been letting the current take me .. the current of love. The current of this flow. And I’m very happy to report this delightful news.

So what I’d like to remark on is how FAST things can happen when your heart is open for them to happen. And how important it is to follow your heart even when it feels like doing so is hurtful and hard. For example my decision to separate from Emma in the mean time and give her the space to figure things out also created space for me. My choice in feeling my emotions fully so I could feel all the way through to a clearing, allowed me to keep my heart open and magnetize this beautiful new soul into my life.

And now this ongoing willingness to stay open and ready for anything to flow through is leading us BOTH to visit Emma today and see how we might be able to expand our love together. Like literally, the three of us.

So the key points here are:

1 – Be willing to follow your heart even when it feels hard and painful. Creating spaciousness might be just the thing you need to upgrade your reality in a big way.

2 – Be willing to feel all the way through your emotions following the process that I shared in the last post, by really just allowing yourself to go there cry through anything you need to without ATTACHING to anything that is not present or trying to control something that is beyond your control. LET GO and feel things as they are.

3 – Be willing let the current of life, the flow of love guide you to what is your deepest heart felt desire and don’t hold back even if the intensity feels overwhelming or the timing feels a bit irrational. Obviously use discernment but don’t stop yourself from receiving the gifts that the universe wants to give you if they seem loving and they are present.