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5 Ways to Feel It All, and Lift Yourself From Heavy Emotions to Lighter Experiences

Hello Full Potential Beings! I hope you’re having a marvelous day! Mine is off to a much better start today, when we consider my overall mood and state 🙂 The day itself is gorgeous as always in the morning with beautiful sunshine and an invigorating morning dip in the river.

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Marco Polo is a great way to stay in touch with people you love. I prefer it over Youtube and other messenger apps. I take the daily posts I do there though and I’ve started sending them to an editor polish up, add captions and start posting on youtube.

So for today something that is present is how to overcome great challenge or difficulty of mind and emotion. As you may have seen in my post yesterday – I have recently separated from my partner and I was going through all the emotion and anguish of that. But I seem to move through it rather quickly and get back into a very positive state.

When I’m able to do that so quickly and efficiently I ask myself what allows me to do that? I know some people wallow around in their feelings for weeks or months.. what do I do differently that seems to work for me?

1 – I allow myself to feel everything fully .. I mean as full as I can. I don’t resist it I just go for it and cry and go as deep and sad and painful as I can .. and I usually say: Huh.. that’s not as bad as I thought it would be. This frees me from the fear or resistance or avoidance of the deepest emotion that wants to be felt and that will usually persist until you feel it.

2 – I don’t numb myself out or anything. I WANT to feel everything. I want to feel at the deepest levels. There is no resistance here. And there’s no distraction or numbing when I’m going through the deep feelings. I cry it out..

3. I am openly expressive with others which also helps me tremendously. Even though I might feel vulnerable.. the emotional support from family or friends is SO helpful!

4. I don’t wallow in it. Once I’ve moved through the emotions.. I don’t wallow in what could have been. If there’s something to forgive.. I forgive. I forgive myself. I say I’m sorry. I forgive the other person. I start extracting myself from the past .. attachment to something that is not is really at the core of the suffering, so I start shifting my focus back to the present and things I can be excited about in the future. Catch yourself if you are thinking of a thought that makes you miserable and take control of your mind, SHIFT it by moving it to your breath, to letting go, or journaling about it and then focus on your next most positive action you can take.

5. I immediately in positive things. From planning a new adventure to meeting new people. I don’t go out and meet people when I’m in my low states obviously, but just like jumping in an ice cold river, I propel myself forward into my new life and get excited and curious about what’s coming next now that I have an open space for it!

Because I usually start having positive interactions and connections with others, even potential love interests, my mind (and heart) immediately has some new reference points for possibility. When it’s focused on the possibilities and gets excited about the future it really doesn’t have much time to focus on the past and dwell in pain and suffering through attaching to what is not or the things I have no control over really.

So that’s it in a nut shell:

1 – Allow yourself to feel everything fully

2 – Don’t Distract Or Numb yourself when you’re going through it.

3 – Share your feelings with people who love you and can give you good advice.

4 – Don’t wallow in it. Don’t attach to what is no longer present.

5 – Focus on positive things.

The more you can stack exciting things into your now or future.. the more excited you’re going to be about life, bottom line.

Okay that’s it for now. This is a really USEFUL post, especially if you’re going through trying times.

I’d love to hear how these work for you or if you have your own strategies that work well please share them with us!

Life is precious, don’t waste time. Make every moment count either in going deeper into your feels or embracing and enjoying the gift that is life!