Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

Take the Time to Get To Know Your Mind Mapping Program’s Potential..

Hello and welcome to this beautiful new day. It’s a gorgeous and sunny Friday here in the mountains of Chirripo, Costa Rica.

I woke up quite early this morning. After a nice micro-dose of mushrooms and mint tea last night, I crashed on the sofa with the two dogs (Luna & Sol) and the two cats (Avo & Birdie). I woke up quite chilled as it was cold last night and couldn’t get back to sleep at around 4 AM.

So what else did I do? Dive deeply into my mind maps of course đŸ™‚ .. I did some major updates to my Life map especially as it relates to marketing and business strategy.

I wasn’t quite able to get the mind map to do flow as fast as my mind wanted to in the beginning so I just took out a sheet of draft paper and started free flowing my ideas by hand. Once I did a couple more drafts in a more refined way it was ready to be transferred back to the mind map and I spent the next hour or so exploring how to customize my mind maps exactly the way I want.

I feel it was well worth it.. Rather than just using the default settings and styles I was able to go more in depth and although it might seem like a frivolous thing, I feel even more clear now that I have it setup and styled exactly the way I want it.

Now that I have everything mapped out the way I want it, it will be easier to share with the new marketing team. And soon you’ll be able to see the effects of this clarity in how much more Full Potential and my own personal brand become in the world. A kind of living experiment in the power of clarity.

That’s it for now.. just explore the potential of the apps or programs that you use regularly, especially your favorite mind mapping program. This will make them even more useful and powerful. In the same way that you get to know yourself better and explore the even greater potential of your own mind, body and Soul!

A sample of how my life’s mind map is coming along.