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Stopwatch Habits, Why I Love Mind Maps, Emma Leaves Today.. :(

Hello glorious readers of the Full Potential blog. How are you today?

Thanks to my new tactic of using a stop watch during my routine and for each new intention.. I’m getting loads done! Read my previous post about this or ask me if you have any questions.

Today was also a sad day.. Emma left to work on a mural for about 3 weeks. We will probably see each other and I know it’s for the best but there’s still a sadness and longing. I know not to be attached. And how to be logical about the whole thing, but love is love, missing is missing and I’m feeling it.

On the brighter side of things and the main point of today’s post: I love mind maps. And I believe when you see how much clarity you can create in your life with them, you will too.

For example, my primary mind map is a mind map of my entire life, my values, my mission, my projects, what I”m focused on – it’s an epic ‘big picture’ of what I have going on and where I’m going. I’m happy to share my process & template for this in a future post or in an interactive group call very soon.


If you’re mapping out static information.. from a book or something, creating one mind map a single time is sufficient. But if you’re mapping out something that changes all the time, such as your life or your actual mind – you’ll want to remember these two keys.

1 – Review it daily
2 – Update it daily

The mind itself is always changing. In fact, as I’m working with the mind map for my life .. my mind is literally changing with it. And when not working with the mind map, the mind is still changing, but the map is getting outdated.

So the mind map, especially one for your entire life, with dynamic information, should constantly be updated. For this reason I suggest reviewing and updating your life map at least once a day – preferably at the start of your day. Then you can use this as your main ‘compass’ for reviewing your life and then planning your day.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ll be doing a little course on how to Mind Map Your life, so stay tuned on that.

For now I just suggest getting familiar with mind mapping if you haven’t already. I’ve tried lots of mind mapping tools and the one that is my go-to is IthoughtX. The price is good, it syncs across all my devices, and I just like the functionality and look and feel of it. I suggest downloading a few of them and trying out which one works best for you. After-all, it should feel as natural as process when using a mind map.

I’m inspired to use a mind map, to outline the other mind mapping apps available, the benefits and all the possibilities. If I record myself going through the mind map.. I can actually create a very tidy instructional video out of it. This is just scratching the service here.

Here’s a quick example of how I outlined my life map.. your mind map is your canvas to map your mind however you like so find a way that works best for you! And stay tuned for more on mind maps, how I use them and how you can get very clear headed and focused with a single mind map of your life.