Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

Unleash Your Full .. Unique Expression!

Hello Full Potential Beings doing their very best in this world. How are you today?

I’m doing great! Especially now because I’ve just setup my new Youtube channel (SUNHEART) where I’m going to start posting the daily songs. It feels like a fun, no pressure project that I’ve finally gotten over the fence about. Just inspiring others to share their expression even if its not perfect. In fact, I think my amateur style will probably inspire a lot of people to say “I could do better than that!” Just kidding, kind of. đŸ˜€

But that’s the whole point.. to just have fun with our expression and not feel like its better to remain silent if we’re not a professional. And guess what.. over time it will probably sound more professional cause that’s how it works.. as long as you are trying to improve a little each day, YOU WILL!

So my questions for you today is this: Where have you been holding back your expression out of fear of being judged or not good enough? What part of your unique Soul expression has not been seen or heard in this world? Where do you feel you might be limiting yourself?

And my challenge for you today is this: where can you go out there and ‘break through’ some limiting beliefs around your expression? Is it singing your first song? Posting your first video? Or maybe it’s just breaking out of a rut and getting BACK on track with the kind of expression that you used to do that made you feel alive.

I’m curious what it is for you and if you happen to post something would you please share it in the comments below I would love to see it!