Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

Taking Control of Your Attention

Hello Full Potential Beings seeking to live the highest and best version of self today. I am currently driving in an Uber from Hollywood to Miami. And the Uber driver immediately starts playing an audible romance novel on the drive. I needed to take back control of my attention, so I put on my headphones … Read more

The pain of separation. The glorious rediscovery of unity. Is that not why we are here?

In the pain of separation things feel incomplete and striving towards something feels the most natural. In the unity everything as it should be and in completeness there is no need to be, do or have anything. The oscillation between deep love and feelings of separation can occur rapidly and almost seemingly violently. Like the … Read more

The Evolution of I Am

Good morning Full Potential Being. Rise and greet the new hour. A new day and a new time is upon us. I woke up this morning with some interesting dreams plus one interesting idea that came through that I would like to share here. The idea is that you are not just your name. More … Read more

Moving Gracefully Through the Life Dream

Good morning dear Soul ready to unleash it’s Full Potential today. I just woke up with several dreams on top of mind. I love being able to remember my dreams. Many of them don’t make any sense at all and I think that just reveals how non-linear / cryptic the messages of the universe can … Read more

Being Thankful.. Even For Sorrow

Good morning to you whom read these words. For your journey is taking you closer to your Full Potential in every day living. Today we kick off with some thanks for SORROW. The most unlikely of things to be thankful for. Feeling down during the holidays? Wherever there is high expectations there is a higher … Read more

Life and the Art of Being

Rise and shine Full Potentialites. A new day is upon us! It’s 5:30 am and COLD where I am here in Shady Cove, Oregon. And also beautiful here on the river. Up early and feeling driven to move, to do, to create. To flow. My heart is heavy though as it’s been a while now … Read more