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Full Potential

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Tough Feedback & Cleaning House!

Hello Full Potential beings. It’s another great day to be alive!

We have a really wonderful Feria (Farmers market) here where we live. It feels like all the villagers get together and offer their gifts. It really is a beautiful gathering.

I’m listening to some classical music as I channel what today’s post is about. I normally just share what feels relevant and then it flows from there.


I’m on Day 2 with no communication with Emma. Last we spoke it felt like we were at odds with how we wanted to proceed. I felt like she should just melt into a flow with me and Alexandria and she wanted to personally connect with me separately from my relationship. I didn’t feel that this was in the highest or best interest of all so I felt into the conditions of only connecting with her if we could all be together.. and shared that with her. And alas this is where we are today. Having our last conversation two days ago.

There is something about not communicating or connecting that begins a more rapid shift in my mind and body .. quick to adapt to my environment I suppose. I love her and I can appreciate all the beauty we shared. I just don’t feel as ‘addicted’ to the connection as I was. It feels like it was a kind of drug and a reliable source of meeting some need that no longer feels there.

I do expect that at some point in the (hopefully near) future we will reconnect in healthier ways and deepen our friendship and love.

This current hiatus however has also allowed me to consolidate my energy and focus more with Alexandria. I’m sure she feels it as our relationship has continued to blossom. And we uncovered some negative energy I had around relationships, for example feeling like I was carrying a lot of pressure to support my partner (and partners in the past), my family and putting a lot of energy into multiple projects that benefit everyone. And last night and I could really feel her desire to be an equal partner and adding as much value as possible.


This morning we had a great discussion about how our reflections to each other may not always be liked or wanted, but are helpful. For example my reflection to her about her vape pen (nicotine) eventually caused her to throw it away. Even though there was a part of her saying ‘don’t tell me what to do’.. I was just reflecting how it made me feel. And that lead her to get rid of it.

And then her, reflecting to me how it makes her feel when I consume weed or alcohol. There’s a part of her that feels sad. I didn’t know that. She feels like a part of me isn’t there and there’s a slight disconnect. Knowing that makes me want to do less of it, if at all.

In fact every time I smoke a couple days in a row, when I stop I go through a 3 day valley.. where it feels my system is coming off of it. The first day is OK and the second day (like today) is the lowest part of the dip and day 3 I start rising out of it and by day 4 I’m good. Then my energy naturally starts increasing until about 2 weeks without it I feel at very high levels of sustainable energy so Iong as my diet is good.


Now that I understand that more, plus how it makes Alexandria feel when I do it.. I really feel I’m going to double down on cleaning up my system and doing things that help me feel naturally high.. like adventure, sports and meaningful things. I see substances as a short cut that depletes the system of the opportunity to get high naturally from doing the right things in my environment!


So I think those are the two main points from today’s post:
A – Find someone you can trust (like a partner) to give you real feedback about your behavior. Even if you don’t like their feedback, see if that information as something useful to help you improve.
B – Look at what you consume (food, drink and/or substances) and ask yourself what you can start removing from your consumption to clean up your system, feel more clear and alive naturally.

If you decide to go on this journey of getting feedback and cleaning up your system, do let us know in the comments below (with future posts as well) as I feel these are some of the most positively impactful things you can do and I’d love to join you for the ride!