Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

3 Columns to Improve Your Life

Hello and good morning Full Potential beings.

Today I woke up with a simple idea to try:


Use a blank sheet of paper and fold it two times to create three columns. Label each column: Morning, Afternoon and Evening.

Give each column a time period it covers.

For example my morning column will cover 7 am to 12 pm. My afternoon column is 12 pm to 5 pm And my evening column is 5 to 10 pm. So 5 hours for each column.

And in each column write down all things or the one thing you hope to focus on and complete during that time. And cross them out as you go.


If you are like me you might also want to carry around a stop watch and after you cross it out you can write down how much time it took. This not only makes you more aware of time but it also focuses you to be less likely to be distracted, because timer is running.


Consider also how you might need to behave during each phase of the day to set yourself up for the next phase.

For example what I eat really effects my performance. So if I eat something heavy in morning time my ability to do much in the afternoon or evening will really be effected.

And if I don’t get to bed early enough.. my morning phase will be shorter.


Now make it a game to move through as much of what you intend to accomplish as possible.


Review what went right in each phase and what went wrong.. and how to improve. You can write this reflection on the back of the paper. And later journal or add these notes somewhere to review at the end of week and month.


Doing things this way helps your mind see time and performance a little differently. By dividing the day up into 3 .. you now you 21 phases of the day. Or approx 85 phases in a month.

By reviewing and adjusting several times a day and not just once a year or once a quarter you are less likely to get off track.


And instead of just thinking in terms of hourly units , you can give yourself a whole morning or afternoon or evening to focus on something really important to you that you just haven’t scheduled the time for until now.

Try it out and see how it goes.

Have a lovely day and see you tomorrow!