Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

Make Paradise Here on Earth Before We Colonize Another Planet

Hello Full Potential fans. It’s another beautiful day to be alive. And just one day before the eve of one of the most celebrated holidays in the world.

Today the sun is shining and I’m so happy to be here and able to write to you in this moment in time. At this place. As this character in the play of life 🙂


SO today I did a deep dive with Alexandria around resources. It began with some challenging energy and emerged into a clearer picture of how we play the game.


Basically her life path has taken her on a journey to trust life and the universe and work with the least amount of resources possible and still take courageous and bold steps towards the best life possible.


And my life path has been a process of accumulating more and more knowledge, energy and resources to be more and more capable of unleashing my full potential. I have trusted that smart management of resources on some level will lead to greater and greater capabilities.

We have approached resources from very different perspectives. And now there’s a kind of merging happening where yes we can still trust that the universe is going to provide and we can also play in the money game more full on to bring about a more rapid change on this planet.

It’s my perspective that money is just a TOOL and we shouldn’t ignore it. We just need to get really clear on what we value and how we want to use money so we don’t waste it or mismanage it.


I believe the most important use of money right now .. is the creation of sustainability for all human life (and life in general) on this planet. If we were going to organize the cooperation of millions / billions of humans for any purpose, it should first be to ensure that all humans can be sustained and then work to improve the standard or living for all humans and all life.

The purpose of life is not to get as much money as possible. It’s to leverage that money to produce a thriving and sustainable ecosystem on planet Earth.. even before trying to go to other planets.


My belief is that it’s the mismanagement of money.. not money itself, that is the reason why the world is in the state it’s in.

Mismanagement comes in many forms:

  • Extracting raw materials from the Earth in unsustainable ways.
  • Producing goods that have short life spans and that are toxic when thrown away
  • Using money to make weapons, fight wars
  • Producing unhealthy chemicals and pharmaceuticals
  • Genetically modified crops that create unhealthy side effects
  • Unnecessary government spending
  • Hoarding money

Money is just a tool to gain cooperation across the spectrum of human activities. The question is what are we cooperating FOR.. what are we doing with that cooperation? We should be cooperating to create sustainability and a healthier way of life. Unfortunately we do not always cooperate on that purpose, especially when money itself becomes the purpose and any means of acquiring it becomes the focus. And becomes useless when hoarding, saving, reinvesting and essentially managing numbers is all we do.

There’s a quote in the Bible, “What profiteth a man if he gain the whole world and loseth his soul.”


How much would you sell your Soul out for? The answer should be not for any amount in the world. And essentially what this means is having something you value greater than money.


Love. Peace. Fun. Joy. Happiness. Health. And ultimately sustainability for all life that makes all of these experiences possible. These are the values we should place above money. And when they are in their rightful place.. and we cooperate together to make sustainability easier for EVERYONE – we will have reached a new level of consciousness as individuals and as a planet.


In the meantime those of us who can see it need to collaborate, co-create and regenerate these resources together. Our ability to be more resource efficient as groups, tribes, villages and communities is so much better than trying to be efficient with resources on our own.


Our ability to ~cooperate NOW~ is our greater power.

And yes we can still play the realm of money, but never forget that we are cooperating for a purpose greater than money and that money is just a tool, allowing us to realize a much greater mission together- to ultimately create a paradise of our dreams on this Earth!

And once this is done, THEN we are ready to blast off and spread this consciousness into the further reaches of space and time!