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Full Potential

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The Paradigm and Compartments: A Path to Restoring Sanity

Happy New Day! It’s a beautiful time to be alive and experience something new.

Today I have a soccer game in the morning and our comedy improv group arrives to spend the night at Zen Village.

The big clarity I got last night is around my Paradigm versus my Compartmentalization.

First I will start with my compartmentalization.. like a window operating inside of my paradigm.. that I check into when I want to, to meet a need. And sometimes to enter that compartmentalization I have to check out of the paradigm and then I come back to it.

The paradigm is like the moment by moment of what IS right now. When I go to play a video game for example, that’s a compartmentalization from the current paradigm. Playing the game feels like an escape but the truth is I am still in the paradigm.. I am just in some kind of constructed reality that falls away when I stop playing the game and I get back to what is here and now.

The compartmentalization feels good in the moment, that’s why we enter these compartments.. but they sometimes negate the truth of how it’s effecting the paradigm.

For example I am in a paradigm of a relationship partner like Alexandria being the person whom I spend the most time with and she is continually meeting me HERE, in the moment. It’s actually surprising to see her always meeting me HERE, I am not used to it. And we see each other clearly here.

If I go and connect with another woman.. I go deeply into that fantasy world and might check out from seeing the impact it’s having on the higher reality, with the person I am spending the most time with. I enjoy it in the moment but then I feel like the friction it’s caused in my higher reality.. the one where I spend the most time, the one that includes this longer term partnership, is not worth it.

So when I speak of compartments I am talking about sub -realities .. places your consciousness goes for a little while and comes back from. Like going on a screen, watching TV, playing a video game, connecting in ways that don’t account for the whole field and even eating or consuming a substance (legal or illegal) that captures your awareness for a time in its own world.

The more we can let go of the compartments, no matter how delicious or pleasurable they are to rise into the paradigm that IS our truth across everything.. the more we can see clearly. The easier it is to avoid the escapism into compartmentalization and the more smooth we can make our journey through the current paradigm we are in.

Compartments within the paradigm tend to whip up chaos and noise .. especially when they are at odds or in conflict with the current paradigm. Pretending they are not there or not having an impact, only makes things worse.

See the compartments in your life that are having a chaotic impact on life. Be willing to resolve them by letting go and closing them. And then see the current paradigm with more awareness, appreciating what’s still here now.

Some of what I am saying here may be hard to understand or elusive in some ways. It’s hard to fully see the paradigm you are in when compartments are still open. It’s like a fish having a hard time seeing the water that’s there , with all the unsettled dust clouding it. But as you close compartments and allow dust to settle, you will have a more distinct feeling of clarity. And a better grasp of what a true paradigm is over its compartments.