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Full Potential

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The Great Unknown: And the Striving to Know

Happy New Day Full Potential Beings! A new day to create. A new day to design life more the way you want. To appreciate what’s here. To practice love.

Today I am excited to play Ultimate Frisbee this afternoon again, it’s been almost a year since we started up the season here in Chirripo. Also hoping to catch the opening of Avatar 2!

As I woke up today I was really observing how much my mind likes to shift from the UNKNOWN to the KNOWN. In fact that is most of what I feel is where the fear is coming from.

The mind is encircled by this unknown .. all the things that may have shifted from last night while sleeping. In the business, in life, in the world.

And then all the things that may be demanding attention that I am not even aware of. Emergencies or urgent things.

Plus there’s the global news and what’s going on there. There’s changes in financial resources I may not be aware of now. All the messages to take care of.

There’s tasks and appointments that until I visit on my schedule and make sure I won’t be satisfied I didn’t forget something.

All these UNKNOWNs that propel me into action. Into my quest for KNOWING. So that some part of me can rest. And feel more secure. Now that I know the vital things about my reality I feel like my place in it is safer. Like I can allow myself to be.

But then there’s the momentum of knowing.. like as soon as I put my phone down so much is happening again without my eyes on it. So much is shifting. Can I accept it?

Can I accept the uncertainty of life? Of the flow of my day. Or the urgent demands that may seem to have grave consequences for now but ultimately will pass just like everything else.

This notion that I have some kind of control or certainty over my life drives my mind to know everything .. to be on top of all the daily activities and feel satisfied when I am flowing in the way that I designed. And that everyone is flowing in the way that feels aligned. Especially since I have a team and make great investments in our productivity together.

Only when everything is clear, we are all on the same page, I have a handle on the day and the flow of events, all communications have been cleared and I feel like all is right in the world.. can I rest or play.

And it’s this kind of ‘clear state’ that my mind seems to strive for. And on some level I must simply accept.. it may not ever be fully clear. I just need to stop striving for a window of time and allow myself to relax or play even when everything is not perfect.

The giving of permission is what I believe, promotes true mental health. To weigh the consequences of not acting on everything you could control and realize that taking time out to relax, enjoy or connect is not going to mean that everything you worked so hard to build up is going to crumple around you.

Assessing the risks and accepting a certain amount of uncertainty .. being able to relax in the face of that uncertainty .. is how one manages risk in a healthy way and let’s go of control. So that windows of time for your highest expression of being can be realized, and hopefully extended.

Especially as you realize that in simplicity, in minimalism, in reducing responsibilities and needs.. there is less to tend to or worry about.

When you can see what is truly important and narrow mental energy down into just a smaller and smaller number of things to focus on.. you can find it easier to let go, especially when you are focused on those things.

So here’s to letting go of the non-essential parts of life, letting go of control where it’s unnecessary, relaxing into what life has to show us, enjoying the unexpected surprises and still actively designing a life of our dreams.

Hope to see you in my dream one day soon!