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Full Potential

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Direction & Discipline

Hello Full Potential Beings. Happy beautiful New Day! It’s a beautiful day to rise, shine and be divine. To share your gifts with the world. To see things anew and design life the way it is intended – by you!

As I write this Alexandria is in the other room listening to some beautiful music. Stretching. She’s fasting today. And just like that – she threw away her vape device. I am so proud of her. Seeing her shift in just one morning into more discipline.

I am on a slightly different track. Drinking my smoothie. Writing my blog. I have a clear track ahead of me for today and I feel just as disciplined, just not quite ready for fasting as I see us doing that later this month during our “Mas Christo” event where we intend to reinvent what it means to celebrate Christmas and focus on raising our Christ consciousness.

What feels important to emphasize today is just how malleable our reality is. How easy it is to look at things in a new way and make a new decision. That’s what each new day brings – an opportunity: to shift, to change, to pivot.

Having something on the time horizon that you are moving towards allows you to make the little course corrections today that help you move into greater alignment. A goal, a focus or even just a direction will help you align your life in the ways you want to.

Even just getting clear on your values.. what you really value and the priority of those values will give you a great deal of direction. Then you either know what to do in each of those areas to honor those values or you can begin researching what to do. That will give you the strategies you need in order to make the course corrections in your life.

For example one of the things I really value is aliveness. I know that hydration, breathing, eating well, NOT over eating and not putting processed foods or harmful substances and cardio and strength training ALL assist me with feeling more alive. Plus working on things I love with people I love. These are all my strategies. Aliveness is my value. And my vision for aliveness is really just FEELING alive as much of the day as possible. This gives me a direction.

And now when confronted with the myriad of choices throughout my day.. depending on how strongly I intend to feel alive, I can make good decisions. I’m not always perfect, but I am getting more clear on what and how I need to live each day to feel more alive. And that’s the idea.. life is an experiment. And the experiment is really how to have the best life possible and help others do the same.

The ‘good karma’ you experience is really just the result of how effective you are at carrying out this experiment. Even just knowing that this is the ‘frame’ for living will help you greatly. Many people are searching for a purpose, and if there purpose was as simple as “having the best life possible and helping others do the same” this would give them direction. This direction would help them to cut out a lot of things in their life that don’t help them to do this.. it would give them a direction to measure and evaluate all of life’s decisions against. And ultimately they would arrive at similar conclusions about how to live, what to value, what kind of people to relate with (sharing similar values).

So as a next step.. what’s a top value you want to focus on today?
Do you already know what you need to do to honor that value and move towards it?
What do you need to STOP doing to honor that value and move towards it?
What does your day look like as you incorporate or schedule more of the ‘good’ things into your day that help you live in alignment with that value?

As you schedule and actually plan to do those things, you will really begin to change your life. That’s when it becomes real. When you devote some time and energy to it.

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Thanks for your interest in developing your full potential. Have a lovely rest of your day!