Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

The Art of Living Life

Every moment a choice. Every choice a result. Every result an experience. The art of life is in making the right choices. We have freedom of will. Freedom of decisionThe most important decision – where to focus our energy. The gift of energy – the most precious, priceless giftFrom where does it come from? From … Read more

Getting Really Clear On What You Want

The single most important use of our imagination is getting clearer and clearer on how we want to shift this moment into the next. If we simply BE – we go through life experiencing what IS. But if we imagine what it COULD BE – we begin the co-creation process. By getting really clear on … Read more


Good Morning and Happy Full Potential Friday! The day is off to a great start with catching the sunrise and sun-gazing. Followed by a meditation: Kundalini and 10 breath concentration meditation. Just drank copious amounts of water, took my probiotics and in the midst of a parasite cleanse so I have an interesting parasite cleansing … Read more

What Could Be Better Than This?

Make success easier. If you find it challenging to visualize, set goals, etc. nothing could be easier than this approach to visualizing outcomes and making your life better, one tiny decision at a time! The ultimate life changing hack begins with moment by moment awareness and success at changing the small things first. Full PotentialVision: … Read more

Organizing Your Routine

The day is off to a brilliant start as I continually get more organized around habits, goals, time (logging & scheduling) and learning. These are the kind of life hacks that I continually share here as well as I’ll be sharing some tools and templates that I use to make organizing and optimizing your life … Read more

Re-birthing the Inner Child

Today is quite a special day for me as it marks the 38th year of this physical existence. Today Is a a celebration of rebirthing the inner child. This means celebrating the silly, the playful, more joyous and free aspects of ourselves. This whole idea of adulthood is over rated. Who wants all the responsibility? … Read more

Remind Yourself That You’re Doing Your Best

Sometimes we can push ourselves too hard and it’s good to remind yourself that we’re always doing the best we can with the resources we have. I have found that when I push myself really hard sometimes because a mental program is running in the background that says I’m not doing enough or that I … Read more

How to Improve Self Image

Right now there’s a lot of negativity flying around on the internet and I’m wondering how We can counter balance that with something positive. Give your mind something positive today .. Repetition of positive energy, something to disrupt negative patterns and replace them with feel good energy .. An inspiration, insight or feel good media … Read more