Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life


Often throughout the day we have to think about and consider the impact our actions are having on our experience. What do we want to experience? What could be better than this?

What impact is our next action having on our energy or our clarity?

Our state of being? Our relaxation? Our beingness .. our mindfulness?

What impact is this post having on the world? These actions that I’m taking.. with each key stroke.. am I going to have a major impact on you? Or am I going to have a major impact on the world?

One doesn’t know the answer to these questions up front.

Impact is relative.. it depends. If I have a huge following I know that I’m going to make a bigger impact than if I have a small following. But if that small following has a huge reach then my impact might be bigger than I realize. It all depends. It’s easy to think that with a large reach you single-handedly are making the biggest impact, but in reality impact is based on results and those results could go through several hands before it makes the biggest impact.

Consider an idea that goes through the mind of one person , gets written out and doesn’t really get tested or implemented until decades later. Like communism. Or an artist that dies long before he receives the credit for his work.

So impact can occur over a longer timeline than even the creator may be aware of .. or through indirect means that one is not aware of. And so if we try to measure our individual impact on the world this might be an impossible task.

Better to do what inspires you and do your best to reach those who might be positively impacted by it. From there impact really is in the hands of the ‘world’ and its various delivery systems. And just because your posts or writings might seem like they are going to a limited number of readers, those readers or viewers could make an impact utilizing your ideas.

So instead of trying to get the credit or tracing ideas directly to the actions you’ve undertaken.. it’s better to have faith that your efforts are making an impact somehow (because they are!) you just can’t measure how wide or deep that impact is going to be.. as people impact people, or impact grows over time.