Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

Be in Your Full Expression

Happy Full Potential Sunday

It’s a beautiful new day and just arrived back to Chirripo – Zen Village, from the Carribean side of Costa Rica in Puerto Viejo.

Spent the last two days making our way here slowly.. a total of around 12 hours driving.

We stopped at our place in Manuel Antonio, visited with a friend in Dominical and got a full rest and recharge in last night. Feeling good.

Did my morning routine that includes climbing the mountain , kundalini yoga, wim hoff breathing before a cold plunge in the river. The river was especially cold today! Came home and got a little more organized and inspired to play the guitar, did a song and uploaded to Facebook and probably my new Youtube channel Sunheart.


I’m inspired to inspire people to express more of their hearts. I believe it can be one of the most fulfilling and healing things, it allows energy to move, it boosts our mood and if blocked it can create the opposite effect.

So my challenge for you today is more of your true expression coming out.

It can start as simple as with some basic movement and sound.. whatever wants to dance through you and whatever sounds want to come out. Are you willing to just let it be without judgement?

It might start out a little timid at first, or messy– and that’s okay. Often its because the mind has been blocking us right at the point of expression, that the start is the hardest part. Once you get going though you’ll start to warm up and more expression will pour through you. It may take you to places you couldn’t have imagined before .. you might even ask yourself, “Was that me?!” The answer is, yes it was, when you’re not blocked! You are energy in motion, you are expression — and you may have only begun to explore what that expression looks like in the normal 3d of what is acceptable social behavior.. who you truly are is happening on multiple dimensions at once and when that expression is allowed to flow through your physical form into this dimension, you may have all kinds of new experiences with yourself.

It’s important to note that while being a channel energy from ALL OVER the spectrum can come through you. Just because you’re in flow or channeling doesn’t mean you can let the guard of your awareness down. Be discerning and change the channel if it feels like the energy isn’t harmonious and bright.

You are the final filter for expression and it’s important that the YOU that comes out is the kind of you that you want to be expressed.