Full Potential

Full Potential

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Pathway to Love

Expression is a form of connection.

It’s not a wound, it’s just a deep NEED that hasn’t been fully met, perhaps for an entire lifetime. Or Lifetimes!

The apparent need to express.. is really a deeper desire to connect!
To connect with another heart. To connect with another Soul. To connect with God. To connect with Mom. To connect with Dad. To experience a deep connection with whatever it is you deeply care about / already feel a connection to.

Make your first effort to connect with God / higher intelligence / infinite intelligence / pure divinity .. this will blast through any subconscious needs to connect with other symbols of the ‘divine’. It meets a deeper need to connect in a more stable way. From there, connection can overflow.. as others can tap into this ‘higher source’ that we all have access to and are apart of.

If we simply try to connect deeply with each other – we can try to get energy from a finite reserve. Become disappointed. Withdrawn. Feel hurt our need isn’t getting met even though we expected it to met by this person.

So all disappointment or unmet need is really the result of connecting with an unreliable source of love. Expecting stability and permanence from another human connection. Only divine source can provide this kind of stability. And where two or more gather with this intention – the connection is significantly amplified. However each individual can stay committed and devoted to their connection to this higher source and experience connection.

The trap is being tempted to lean into each other for this feeling of God connection, without maintaining the deep connection and practice of connecting with a higher source first.

It’s so easy to do because in the material – the source of a potential pleasurable connection is right in front of us, whereas this higher source feels invisible and in some ways, inaccessible in the moment.

The belief about how we meet our need for connection is perhaps the single most important belief to uncover, un-layer, unravel, demystify, as this is our PATHWAY TO LOVE.

A dialogue on connection between James Sunheart and Sahara Sunheart

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