Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

It’s All a Choice

Choose life. Choose to wake up. Choose to seize the day. Choose to see the sunshine. The birds. The rain. The clouds. Choose to smell the air. Choose to breathe deeply. Choose to smile. Choose to see the positive. Choose to wake up. Choose to be. Choose to see. Choose to make better.Choose the best. … Read more

Your Choices Become Your Frequency

Whether you choose to doubt or believe in yourself and what you’re capable of.. it’s all a choice. The choice to believe in yourself and your ideas leads you down a path that empowers you to realize your potential. Whereas the path of doubt is also self-fulfilling, but in the opposite way. DREAM BIGWhen you … Read more

Have a Direction

It’s okay to be a little confused. But have some general direction and purpose to guide your action towards, even if its unclear right now what exactly the result might be. Good morningWelcome to this beautiful new day STARTING THE DAY OFF RIGHTStart the morning with some deep breathsStretch your bodyDo some free writing to … Read more

Strategy vs Technique

What’s the difference between having a strategy and having a technique? While a strategy is HOW you do something step by step, a technique is the WAY in which you apply it. WHY DO SOME SUCCEED WHERE OTHERS FAIL – EVEN WHEN THEY ARE USING THE SAME STRATEGY? For example everyone can have the same … Read more

One Heart, One Mind

Today’s post is: How to connect on both the levels of heart and mind to experience best of both worlds. Double down on your connections – AND go deeper. CONNECTING AT THE LEVEL OF MIND The mind feels connected with other minds when it feels fully expressed and heard. The next level of connection is … Read more

Choose the Day

Happy Full Potential Monday It’s the universe speaking. Do you know how beautiful your Soul is? Are you ready to let it shine in the world?Are you ready to move past any fears and limitations and experience the world anew? Are you willing to see just how deep the now goes? Being aware, awake and … Read more

Bless Your Own Body As You Start the Day

BLESSING YOUR OWN BODY Wake up in the morning and stretch first thing. Then go through each part of your body let it know how thankful you are. Let it know that you are grateful to be alive and grateful for the part it plays. Imagine how grateful you’d feel if you felt a direct … Read more

Imagination + Belief + Effort = Creation

Unless you can imagine something you cannot even believe in it. And unless you believe in it you won’t work towards it. And unless you work towards it you won’t materialize it. And unless you materialize it you’ll never know what’s possible. Full PotentialVision: To create a self-sustaining paradise on earth where individuals and communities … Read more

Igo vs Wego

This conversation about Ego vs Super Ego arose yesterday as we were doing a coaching call with our friend Tina (she was coaching with us) and we created clear time boundaries for expression. 15 Minutes for Me, 15 Minutes for Beka and 25 minutes for our joint sharing. With about 5 minutes of catch up … Read more

Pathway to Love

Expression is a form of connection. It’s not a wound, it’s just a deep NEED that hasn’t been fully met, perhaps for an entire lifetime. Or Lifetimes! The apparent need to express.. is really a deeper desire to connect! To connect with another heart. To connect with another Soul. To connect with God. To connect … Read more