Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

How to Make the Best Decisions You Can in Every Moment


You are making a decision right now, to read today’s post.

In every moment you’re doing your best to evaluate whether this will help you or benefit in you in some way, now or into the future. Through the process of evaluation, you are already doing your best to make decisions in every moment.


Take RIGHT NOW. Even just sitting here reading this is a decision. Doing ‘nothing’ is a decision.

So the process of evaluation is taking in all the possibilities of what you could be doing and condensing them down into what can you do this in this moment that will bring you maximum reward relative to your needs, wants, desires and perception of self?


Satisfaction can be a complex inner working of how you derive meaning from what you do. You see its not just about pleasure, its about understanding the deeper encoding of consciousness that allows you to experience joy or reward on multiple levels. Pleasure can be surface level, but maximum happiness is when you take into account what of all the available options could you be doing right now and what did you choose (now) and why?


And then to be conscious about exploring why you chose this present option will help you in future decision making as you’ll understand more about what you value, what needs are burning right now and what long term things you’re headed towards.

In other words instead of asking what is the purpose of life and trying to create a super long term vision, you can simply reverse engineer the decisions you’re making now by asking ‘why’ and understand where you’re headed based on what you value and what drives you and what already motivates you now.


I recommend that you try to be as clear headed as possible during this process as our evaluation can be skewed when we are on substances or if we are going through an intensely emotional time. I’m talking about having a clear and neutral approach or even excited and higher frequency mood when we are looking at why we do what we do.. especially when what we are doing brings us greater joy and happiness.

The more we can be a detective about what we’re doing and what brings us maximum joy the more we can start to get on the trajectory of noticing the things that bring us more joy or higher frequency experience and do more of those things and detect the things that bring us down or don’t feel like they bring us as much joy, so we can do less of those things.


As I write this my head is actually down and write from the keyboard while not looking at the screen. I close my eyes and channel and I’m able to write fast enough that for the most part of my fingers can keep up with the thoughts as I stream these thoughts of consciousness out onto the screen for you. Later I’ll do a quick edit to clean up whatever didn’t come out right the first time.

So my question is why do I do this? And the answer is simple:

It brings me satisfaction to know that i completed another positive daily dose. That I’m improving lives. That I’m aligning with my vision for who I am by constantly cranking out positive content and hopefully helping others and making a positive difference. It brings me satisfaction knowing that my day is not wasted and that I’m leaving something behind that can help people long into the future. It brings me joy knowing that I’m aligning with the pact I made with myself and God to be one of the most positively influential people the world has ever known.

So even though I might be sitting here with head down and hands on keys and streaming these thoughts and putting life force energy into something that may or may not be appreciated by many.. the act of doing this is the greatest thing I know how to do right now to touch people’s lives in a positive way which is my ultimate intention. To touch as many lives in a positive way as possible so that I’m aligning with my mission, purpose and intent to do so.


Now I don’t know if I will have the impact I’m intending. After i publish this post or get it out into the world I have no way of knowing how many people will see it or appreciate it. I have no idea of the impact or depth to which I will reach people. It is the intent itself that drives me. It is the satisfaction of knowing I did my part to get something positive into the world and it will be up to the world to decide of its worthy of greater visibility, feedback, reflection, engagement etc.

I don’t control any of these things. The only thing I control is making sure I show up to write, that I put these thoughts to screen and that I submit this post. And that I incorporate some imagery into it so that I can enhance the point. And that maybe I do a video or audio on this as well and post to relevant channels and that I make sure it gets out to as many people as possible.. but the response, the reaction, the feedback, the numbers, the engagement etc. none of that is under my control.

I wish it could go and impact millions and deeply but I don’t know. I guess we’ll see and in that process I am doing my part while also leaving it up to God, the universe, infinite intelligence to see if this decision was actually able to yield any results and maybe it doesn’t even yield results I would like to see while I’m alive. Maybe it never yields the final result I was hoping. But the satisfaction I experience at the present is the possibility that it could have a bigger positive impact and the satisfaction of knowing I am acting true to my values and intentions.

That satisfaction is as simple as checking this item off my list today, knowing I did my part and not sure if I’ll ever even see the reaction of how positive of an impact it made, is enough for me. But feeling what I’m doing now and why I’m doing helps me realize I want do more live events or live experiences where I can feel more of the impact and I can have more of an experience with people on the level. So I can get even more real time feedback of how it impacts them and how I can see rapid transformation in a short period of time. That would be even more satisfying than checking a box today! To see the look in people’s eyes as they transform in real time. But today because I don’t have those experiences happening, so writing this and hoping it has that impact in the world is the most immediate outlet I have for living out my values and intent.


And why its so important to me that make a positive difference? Because for whatever reason this is how I now see myself: someone producing positive change. Because deep down somewhere along the way I decided, the most meaningful thing I can do is make a positive difference in a world that seems like it has its share of challenges in creating positive high frequency energy .. so I want to do my part. I This is my mission, my duty, my purpose my contribution that allows me to feel good about living my life, using resources, and otherwise existing on this planet.

When I feel good about the contribution I am making my life takes on the meaning of someone who adds more value than he takes from the planet. As someone worthy of existing and being here.. someone who deserves to breathe, to eat and to be loved. If I’m not making a positive impact, I don’t feel like I belong. Now all of this is just a BELIEF, but beliefs are how we encode reality into our consciousness.

Ultimately the satisfaction I derive from writing this, is that I get to feel more love from myself.. more satisfaction that I ‘m doing the right things and that I”m doing things with a positive intent and that by doing them consistently one day I will experience even greater rewards including creating more live experiences for people where we can experience this joy of positive impact and transformation together. This is planting seeds. For me and for others.


  • You can explore what you’re doing now to gain a deeper understanding for what you value, and how you might perceive yourself.
  • You can study the actions that bring you the greatest satisfaction to understand how to have more control over increasing your levels of satisfaction of happiness.
  • Conversely you can also study when you aren’t feeling as good to understand what you might need to root out of your life.
  • Knowing why you want something will help you become more conscious about your choices and make better choices not just now but in the future as well.

1 – I will feel happier and more alive when what I’m doing aligns with my personal self and identity & belief about who I am and what I’m here to do in this world.

2. I will feel a sense of relief to set a goal (like writing this post) and market it off my list today and to know that my work is making a positive impact in the world.

3. I enjoy expanding my reach and network which will be helpful in the future as I continue to build a brand / business or legacy that has positively impacted people’s lives.